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The Easter Intention

by Sasha (follow)
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Holidays are fun, laughter and joy for many, but for some people it may be daunting and exhausting for various reasons. These reason could include a recent break up; loss of a loved one; being away from family and many more. The art of Wondering has become my sibling, so guess what?? I wondered, why is there this disparity while some are happy and others are left to deal with loneliness; especially during times of celebrations.

The intention of festivals, as it goes ages back, was a sign of celebration for various reasons. I think that the Gods wanted us to celebrate unity, family, love, joy, giving and receiving. But I guess they also wanted us to most importantly realise that there are some lesser fortunate people around us to whom we should give a shoulder to or bring inside our home for a family meal.

I think the modern age has put so much pressure on people from different walks of life. It does not spare the old aged too. For instance, social media like FaceBook has become a notice board for achievements, happy holiday pictures, family photographs, appreciating spouses and hugging friends to name. While all your friends will surely be happy for you, there might be a few who will be reminded of the vacuum in their lives, and how much better their life could be. Despite the fact that the onus is on ourselves to stay happy, we have to accept that such social pressure often leaves you with a sense of fighting your battles alone.

Having said that, happiness is all about sharing, but it is with whom that makes all the difference. Though we cannot share it with strangers, I think we should be sensitive to people, who for some reason might not be a part of your world of happiness.

I remember watching a movie which was about emergency services. A 911 emergency services agent mentioned that they receive a lot of calls of despair and suicides during Christmas, Easter and other holiday periods. I am thinking, what is it that we can do to slightly make these people, the victims, feel better or at least give them the wonderful feeling that they are not alone??

While we are all blessed and fortunate to have dinner with family and friends; let's also remember those people who for some reason don't have anyone to celebrate with. This Easter, why not bring a friend or someone into your life, and get them involved in our celebrations and show affection that would make a difference in their life. Give them a sense of belonging by just gifting them what they truly need; a hug or a place in our family dinners.

I think this is the true intention of celebrations, festivals, and Easter too.

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