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The Developmental Benefits of Playgrounds for Children

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In the modern world, you may feel tempted to entertain your children with computers, televisions, cell phones and other modes of technology. However, as concerns about obesity, a lack of socialization and addiction to technology grow, considering the benefits of heading to the traditional playground for your kids.

Some of the benefits associated with going to a playground are physical. For example, your kids can get in healthy amounts of exercise. Even if your kids are at the appropriate weight level now according to their doctors, you want them to learn about the importance of fitness for the future. Getting them used to running around and having fresh air can inspire them to continue these healthy habits as they grow old and have more independence. Using the playground equipment can also assist them in developing motor skills.


In addition to helping kids physically, going to the playground also offers social benefits. Hovering over your children's every move is not the best idea. While you want to ensure their safety, you also must make certain that you are allowing them to form positive social bonds with other children. Such skills are important as they head into school and, much later, into the workforce. These social bonds are important for their emotional health as well.

Furthermore, think about how good you feel after spending some time outside. Whether a fresh breeze rejuvenates and energizes your kids or they are inspired by nature, spending time outside is one of the major benefits of playgrounds for children. Also, consider the benefits of certain types of play and equipment at the children's playground.



The swing might be the first item you think of when considering children's outside play equipment. Swinging on these pieces of equipment often encourages children to laugh and take in the fresh breeze. Furthermore, they need to hold on to the swing, which can help them to develop their motor skills. This activity also requires the use of the legs, which allows them to build up strength and control. Different sizes and types of swings are generally available, so you can select one that is appropriate for your children's age. As kids grow up, they may also help each other by pushing their siblings or friends on the swings. This activity can teach them the value of taking turns and assisting others.


While you might want to stop your kids from climbing to the highest of heights at the playground, you can encourage them to take on age-appropriate obstacles. Climbing can help them to build strength, but it can also assist in the reduction of fears. One major importance of playing outside is learning to develop a sense of independence and to conquer obstacles. Kids who are constantly shielded from obstacles can grow up terrified to take even the type of risks that can further them in life. Climbing also allows them to develop problem-solving skills. For example, they may need to decide which direction to go to reach the top in the most efficient manner.


Playing Bars

When your kids are older, they may very well have to participate in physical fitness assessments at school, and these assessments could include measuring how many pull-ups they can do. Playing on the monkey bars now could help train them for that activity later. The thought of your children hanging from many types of playground equipment, including the monkey bars, might seem frightening. Check out the signs at the playground; they generally say which parts of the playground are approved for certain ages. You can start by encouraging your kids to try monkey bars that are lower to the ground and then to move on to higher ones. These type of activity, therefore, also shows them how to progress through a process to reach an ultimate goal.

Free Play

You might think that your kids need constant structure in their lives, but this train of thought tends to stifle their creativity. Allow your kids the time to play freely. They don't necessarily need any toys. They may invent games with their friends, both old and new, while they are exercising their bodies and minds at the playground. Additionally, promoting these activities now can actually lead to better health overall. When your kids are back at home, they may want to play creatively and freely as opposed to sitting in front of a television.


Going to the playground might seem overwhelming at first. However, think of it as a place where your children can really grow.

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