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The Bigger Picture

by Lu Lu Belle (follow)
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Don't sweat the small stuff and see the bigger picture.

When you take a look at a picture of our Galaxy, and where exactly we reside amongst it all; keeping in mind that this is just one of the many galaxies out there, your initial thoughts are most likely wow and we are just like a spec in the bigger picture. And then I'm sure your mind begins to wander and explore all of the possibilities, and thus creating unanswerable questions...

Why are we here? What else is out there? How did we get here? Will we ever know more?

Of course humans will eventually find out more and more about other planets and galaxies. Unfortunately though, given the time and resources it will take, those of us who are here now probably won't be around for many other breakthroughs and discoveries, just as those who lived centuries ago didn't know what we do.

But one thing is certain. If you take a look at the bigger picture and imagine where we fit in it, our world as we know it is so extremely tiny. And this for me changes the way I look at things completely. Our day to day issues seem so insignificant.

There is that saying It's a big wide world out there. Well, yes it is. But wow. There is also space, which seems to go on for an eternity. Space, a place where time and movement defy everything that we have come to know and understand here on Earth, where boundless mysteries and danger more incredible than one could ever believe exist. And there are places out there unreachable to us now, and perhaps even forever. It sure puts a different perspective on the good old saying that anything is possible doesn't it?

This reminds me not to just think outside the square, but to think beyond and wonder, to not place so much importance on silly things that worry me. Why should we waste our time focusing on sweating the small stuff? And even the big stuff would be considered small when putting it all into the context of where we are in the big scheme of things.

It reminds me to think big. To dream big. There really and truly are endless possibilities out there.

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When you consider the implications of the variations in temperature as the planets change location within this massive galaxy it makes you wonder how we believed that we could make any difference to climate change by taxing ourselves.

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