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The Beauty of Explaining

by Shen Dee (follow)
Shen Dee
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Listen before you speak. Image courtesy of stockimages / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Have you ever felt irritated when constantly being questioned by someone? If you do, then let me share with you the beauty of explaining.

I realised that when one takes the time to explain, you will feel satisfied and accomplished instead of feeling irritated.

1) Have an open mind whenever someone asks you a question. Take it as they sincerely want to know in detail the Five Ws (what, why, who, where and when). It is a natural human response to ask further when one does not understand. Have you ever wondered that the reason behind that they do not understand what you are saying could possibly be because you did not communicate clearly?

2) If you can try to look from the other person’s perspective and sincerely answering the Five Ws, you do not only answer the question, but you would have achieved some kind of self-satisfaction knowing that you are good communicator. Being a good communicator helps to build better relationships, be it at home, work or even in your personal life.

3) To be a good communicator, you need to first listen with the intent to understand, and then only you reply. Most people listen with the intent to reply which is why some conversations just don’t seem to end as one is constantly asking and the other is constantly replying for the sake of replying. The quality of your reply depends on your listening skills.

4) By pacing your conversation, it helps both the speaker and listener. The speaker is able to organise his/her thoughts before speaking, and as for the listener, he/she is able to fully catch on what the speaker is saying.

The next time you feel irritated when someone asks you a question, remember, they are in a way giving you the opportunity to brush up on your communication skills. So take your time to explain and feel good about it after that.

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