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The Beauty Myth

by Maria-Lee D (follow)
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One important fact of life that I’m often concerned about is that we are all taught, in one way or another, that we are ugly or deficient. We’re lead to believe that we are inadequate because we don’t have clear skin, we don’t have completely hairless bodies, we don’t have long eyelashes, we don’t have symmetrical faces and we can’t fit into a size 8 skirt.

Magazines and T.V commercials bombard us with images of ‘beautiful’ women – images created to make us think that if we don’t measure up to those (often impossible and unhealthy) standards, then we should change ourselves to fulfil those standards.

This is one of major reasons cosmetic companies make billions of dollars a year – they help create and maintain the insecurities of customers by implying that you will be ‘improved’ or ‘more attractive’ by buying their products or using their services.

It is a false promise – wearing fake eyelashes doesn’t make you more beautiful, it only shows that you aren’t happy about that particular feature. If everybody thought that they were decent-looking just the way they were, I guarantee those companies would go out of business.

I’m not saying it’s wrong to wear make-up, remove the hair from your body or apply fake tan.

I’m saying that you should feel comfortable in your own skin, with the assurance that you look fine the way you are. I’m saying that if you do enjoy decorating your body, don’t do it out of insecurity that you’re ugly. It isn’t true, and it never has been true. Do it with the confidence that you’re already beautiful, and the make-up is only providing the icing on the cake. Do it for fun, or do it just to do something different.

Recognise that everybody is different, and therefore that one, impossible standard of ‘beauty’ cannot apply to everyone. Not everyone suits straight hair, not everyone should or can be a size 8 and not everyone looks good with fake tan. I know I don’t!

Recognise that you, and everybody else, are imperfect human beings - but that ‘perfection’ is not something that we should strive for. Instead, we should work on being good and caring people. I know it’s a cliché, but I do believe that the most ‘beautiful’ people are the kindest and the most compassionate.

There is no rule that says that ‘beauty’ has to be physical. So go do something kind, and feel confident in the fact that you are showing others that you are a good and decent person. That alone is worth so much more than the short term satisfaction that cosmetics can provide.

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