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Ten Ways To Save Time

by Marie Vonow (follow)
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There are 24 hours in a day and it is recommended you sleep for seven and a half to eight of them so your body and mind can function efficiently. For some people there is too much time and they are constantly looking for things to do to fill their waking hours. However, many people feel there is never enough time with the result they get stressed and find it difficult to enjoy life. What are some of the things you can do to save time and feel more in control?

1. Learn to say, ‘No.’ It is difficult to do this if you were brought up to do as you were told and if you feel guilty if you don't agree. Think before you agree to do something. Sometimes another person can do the task. At times it is actually better for that person to do it because it will build their independence.

2. Learn to delegate. Sometimes this will mean initially spending time teaching someone else how to do the task. The person may say things like, ‘But you do it so well,’ in an attempt to avoid doing the task. Perhaps the other person really doesn’t have the confidence and needs support and encouragement. You may have to accept the task being done a different way or not up to your standard.

3. Don’t feel guilty about ‘outsourcing’ some tasks. You are helping someone else financially by paying them to do gardening, house work etc for you. Some people have found swapping tasks with a friend or neighbour can help them be more time efficient. Perhaps a neighbour can mow your lawn in exchange for a meal.

4. Think if the task can be done less often. Does it have to be done at all? You may need to drop your standard and accept a ‘near enough is good enough’ attitude.

5. Is there an easier way to do the task? Consult the internet or a book for simpler and quicker ways to do various household tasks. Do what works best for you.

6. Set up direct debit to pay bills.

7. Put a ‘No junk mail’ sticker on your letter box. You will save time each week not reading junk mail, storing it and eventually disposing of it. This is especially true in the lead up to Christmas when the amount of junk mail increases.

8. Sort through your possessions and clear out things which are not important in your life. Display only items you really love. Having less things displayed will reduce the time you spend dusting and cleaning. If you have less items stored you will spend less time looking for things.

9. Cook twice the amount, more if practical and freeze. The freezer is your friend. I have found it really does help to label and date things. I regret it if I can’t work out what I am taking out of the freezer. Skipping the labelling might be okay for those who like surprises.

10. Take a break even though you haven’t got time. You will work more efficiently because of the break and it will help lower your stress level.

Now that you have found some ways to save time do not be tempted to take on new responsibilities. It is not up to you to do everything. Step out into the garden and smell the roses.

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