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Ten Tips to Increase Persistence

by jussiecatwriter (follow)
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Patient and psychiatrist
Many will have heard of Edison's 99 failed attempts at the lightbulb before his success. Image courtesy of Camaran at dreamstime.net

Patience is not an attribute that I possess a lot of. However, as someone who wants to turn freelance writing into more of a job that a hobby over time, it is something that I will need to practice.

Nothing happens over night. Especially if you have made a big change in your life over a short period of time, and have traits such as perfectionism and high expectations of yourself; patience is especially needed. This is more with yourself than anybody else. Here are some tips I have found to increase my patience.

1. Write in a gratitude journal when you experience a success, no matter how small.

Bringing it to your consciousness by writing it down can always help.

2. Realise that you are trying your best.

3. Try to become aware of what it is in particular that is making you stressed.

Stress is a big trigger for impatience. For example, for me, I have been getting unwanted ads due to cookies on my computer. Then you are in a position to remove that trigger.

4. If you are not used to the new change in your life; increase demands on yourself slowly.

Realise that choosing freelance writing as a choice of career (if it is more than a hobby) is not a common one, and almost universally, it is hard to get paid well. However, look at your profile. Look at how many articles you’ve written. I write also for the joy of writing. This also helps with patience.
Realise that we as humans, in a stressful world where technology has taken over; the economy is struggling; people are busy, and multi-tasking is expected - all of which can cause some frustrations.

5. Don’t berate yourself for feeling frustrated from time to time. Or often.

6. Take time to relax and look after yourself.

7. Ask yourself, at the end of the day, is this really that important?

I know someone who is 45 years old, and has had two heart attacks. They have no other contributing factors, and the doctors believe that stress has caused these heart attacks.

8. Get support with whatever is wearing at your patience levels.

Most importantly, whatever you do, do it for the joy of it, and results will come with more certainly than if you do it just as a job.

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