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Taking Difficulty Out Of Decisions

by jussiecatwriter (follow)
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Decisions can seem overwhelming, but they needn't be

Making decisions isnít always an easy process. Sometimes, we can get so caught up in our heads, weighing up the pros and cons, that we either donít make a decision or spend more time worrying about whether the decision we are making is the right one than is warranted. Very rarely are decisions black-and-white Ė choosing one path can turn out just as fortuitous as going down the other. However, the amount of analysis and agony that we expend making decisions means it can help to have a few ideas of what are important considerations in choosing what action you are going to take.

1.The pros and cons list always has had merit. It is best to write these down. This is because when they are expressed in front of you, in pen and paper, it is easy to feel how important each of these Ďforí and Ďagainstsí are. I have found it is not always the balance of which list outweighs the other in number, but the weight of how important the pro or cons is to you.

2.It can help to discuss the matter with another. This can be because talking to someone can help the problem to almost solve itself, as we extrapolate aloud the consequences of making the choice to someone else. Also, someone trusted can give us valuable input. However, othersí input should be taken with a grain of salt. No-one knows you like you best.

3.It can help to think about your own real-life experience in the particular part of life that you are trying to make a decision about. What worked? What didnít? Why Ė was it the product of the decision you made, or something beyond your control?

4.See the repercussions of each road you can follow to the end in your head. Can you see yourself being happy with where you are at the end of the road?

5. Is there an opportunity to back-track if youíre not happy with where you are headed? Sometimes, knowing you have a choice to change paths can give you more confidence to give it a go initially.

6.Keep perspective and donít overanalyse Ė youíll only give yourself a stomach ulcer!

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