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Stuck In A Rut - How To Get Out

by Millie Clayton (follow)
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Everyone goes through a rut at one point or another
A rut. We've all been there, but there is always a way out.

Being recently single and unemployed had the impressive potential to cause a tsunami on my immediate emotional forecast. Rock bottom is a phrase loosely thrown around, yet that could be an accurate description of everything that was going wrong. It is so easy to dig yourself into a hole to the point of utter hopelessness, yet that's never any fun. I have absolutely no superiority when telling people how to deal with these types of periods of life. What I can do however, is demonstrate what I did to dust myself off and offer a fresh perspective. It is so easy to roll your eyes at these types of instructions/articles, but everyone goes through it. What is important is to know that these times are temporary and everyone goes through it at some time or another. There is no point being embarrassed at a hard time, because it is what makes you relatable and more ready to help others.

Working out a plan is mandatory for times like these. If you have nothing to do, make something for yourself. Creating a regime dedicated to exercise and other facets of healthy living helps to put the focus on a better version of yourself, and therefore for a better future. Create a list of things to do throughout the day and make sure you stick to it.

Favourites can include:

Go for an hour long walk every day
Read a new book a week
Write a new article a day
Find a new writing outlet (how I actually found this website).

It sounds overly simplistic, but everybody needs purpose. And there is no better time to find yours than when you're in a rut.

Listen To Your Inner Voice

Write down your dreams each morning. When you have no idea what you want in this period of your life, no one knows you better than yourself like your subconscious mind. Dreaming offers you solutions to problems your conscious mind mulls over throughout the day. If something is troubling you, look towards your dreams. If you do not remember your dreams of a morning, try affirming before you go to sleep "I will remember my dreams tomorrow morning." Simplistic yet effective. It is important to write them down as soon as you remember, as it is very easy for them to slip your mind. If this still doesn't sound like you, try going to a place where you feel relaxed and at peace. By closing your eyes and listening to some relaxing music (try going onto YouTube and googling Trance Music, Hypnosis Music etc.), you are able to daydream and come to resolutions a lot more easily.

Staying Positive

Is so much easier said than done. Affirmations can feel tacky but there is scientific proof in positive thinking in creating a positive life. That may sound deterministic but it can be easy

Taking Control.

Become more aware of your patterns of thinking. You don't have to be a particularly spiritual person to take this in your stride. When you start to notice yourself feeling pessimistic, try this simple visualisation exercise:

1. Focus on your breath as you breathe in and out, particularly focusing on deepening the breath.

2. Imagine breathing in an aura of positivity, whether you visualise that as a colour or just feel it as a sense of warmth. You can imagine it taking whatever form you like.

3. Notice the tensions and stresses in your body as you breathe in, and focus on trying to expel those feelings as you breathe out.

4. Focus on expelling all the negative energy as you breathe out. (I imagine black squiggles departing my body).

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