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Spread Your Butter Evenly

by jussiecatwriter (follow)
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Man jumping over hurdle in race
If you want "staying power," expend your efforts evenly. It's about working smarter, so you can go longer. Image courtesy of Alexander Limbach at Dreamstime.com

You know those days when you are “on a roll." You are achieving, achieving….and you don’t want to stop. It doesn’t make sense to stop. You feel good. Why not “make hay while the sun shines?” Well, do you ever notice after those days where you have been especially productive, and you go to bed so proud of what you have got done that day that the next day, well, you just don’t quite feel like getting up? And when you do get up, you straight away know that this new day is not going to be quite as productive as the day you enjoyed before. You don’t know why, but you feel tired and lethargic. Whichever way you look at it, theres a kind of ennui.

Likewise, there are those days when you hardly do anything. You relax in front of the television, or stay in bed...and then, the following day...maybe it’s unconscious guilt, or maybe it’s got nothing to do with that, but you are ‘get up and go’ from the moment you open your eyes, and you don’t stop.

Rather than keep our concerted efforts for certain days, and jam pack our laziness and our laxness into singular days; likewise why not “spread our butter evenly?” By this, I mean, exert consistent efforts dedicated toward achieving our goals every day, neither “over-doing it” or “under-doing it?" It means we have a sense of control, and we are more likely to keep mentally and physically healthy, expending a sensible amount of energy each day. We are more likely to “get into a rhythm of life” which can be sustained, instead of going through life with a sense of sporadic unevenness. This is likely to make us feel out of control of our lives.

If you had a piece of bread, would you concentrate all the butter in the corner and have the corners dry with hardly any spread? Of course not. It would taste too rich or too dry.

When you run a race, do you sprint for the first half, and lax off so you are dawdling for the rest of the race? No. This is never a good strategy.

If you look at anything in life that can be accomplished, it is evenness which always achieves the best results. If we go too slow at first, and save all our energy for the last stretch; we are likely to underestimate how much speed we need, and the result may be that we don’t do so well. If we expend all our energy and then have none left; we have nothing left for the ‘home run’ which you can bet your competitors have saved energy for.

Spread your butter evenly in life. It’s sensible and logical. The best way to get ahead of the pack.

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