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Sparking Your Creativity

by jussiecatwriter (follow)
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A question of priority to ask yourself if you are experiencing a case of "mental block" is to perhaps 'are you trying a bit too hard?" Here are some suggestions of questions that may uncover some ideas that have lied dormant or perhaps could serve as new mental fodder... Image courtesy of siramwong at freedigitalphotos.net

As writers, we probably have all had the experience of the frustrating and often depressing “Writer’s Block” – the feeling of an inability to come up with novel and interesting topics we can write about.

It’s not something that just disappears through a desire or motivation to come up with something to write about. Nor is it a lack of labour or effort.

Here are a few ideas that might help break that down that thwarting feeling of inertia.. Rather than a list of concrete 'what-to-dos' here are a list of thought-provoking questions. Coming up for ideas for writing is extremely individual, and as such, I thought that a list of such queries may reflect this individuality.

1. The most ironic thought provoker is "could you be trying too hard? All the willpower in the world, as we know, may not be sufficient to allow the creative juices to start flowing. I find that relaxing, whether it be through taking a hot shower, going for a walk or in short doing anything pleasurable can be sufficient to get the wheels starting to turn…

2. Has there been an important life lesson that you’ve learned lately? What have you learned from it? Even though there may have been negatives associated with it, what positives can be gleaned?

3 What have you discovered about life through a relationship that you have been in?

Relationships can be our biggest teachers…they can be rewarding, frustruating, hurtful, exhilarating…what different way of looking at things have you learned from another person? What have you found out about yourself from a relationship? How has a relationship breakup or renewed bond, ultimately changed you?

4. What would you say are your most important values in life?** What has following through on what is most meaningful to you taught you?

5. What are your thoughts on a Current Affairs or newsworthy issue?

6. Can you imagine you were somebody else in the same life situation as yours?..Can you see yourself as an elderly person in a nursing home, a disabled person, a person you admire?

7. How have negative or difficult experiences changed you in a positive way?

8. Has anything happened that has surprised you or taken you back? Why? What did you learn from it?

9 Can you think about interesting ideas that dreams you have had have taken you?

10. Can you imagine you are 80 years old, and it’s your birthday?. Imagine you are surrounded by your loved ones…somebody asks you what has been your most important life lesson…what would you say?

11 Can you imagine what you'd do with the money if you won the lottery?. This can actually be an interesting mental short-cut to pinpointing what your values - what brings you the greatest amount of innermost meaning, to the surface..

12. What happens when you just write, for the sake of it?

Don’t put any mental obstacles up…get rid of the inner critic entirely…you’ll be surprised at what comes up…

13. What captures your attention when you peruse facebook?

Just as contemplating the inner world of subconccious dreams, perhaps uncovers something meaningful to you?

14. Have you learned anything that worked for you when you have taken a creative writer’s class ?

There is an upcoming Brisbane Writer’s Festival that’s sure to be fantastic..

15. What are your responses and mental trains of thought provoked by what other Self Avenue writers have shared?

Hopefully at least few of these ideas will have the effect of provoking a creative turn of thought…however, no matter what, remember that if nothing seems to occur to you one day, or for even a week, you are a writer – because you love to write. As long as you love to write, the ideas are a matter of not if, but when!

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Great article Jussie, and I agree that a writers' festival or other event for the creative pursuit one is involved in is a great boost to creativity.
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