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Some Would Rather Be Quilting Than Sky Diving

by Marie Vonow (follow)
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Some people like the stimulation of having others around them most of the time. They like to be where itís happening and enjoy taking part in exciting activities. They may like extreme sports and love a movie that makes their heart beat fast with all its action and suspense. Others not only like, but need to spend a fair amount of quiet time, alone. They would rather be quilting than sky diving, in fact they hate the mere thought of sky diving. Although they enjoy the company of one or two people they are very uncomfortable at a big party.

Perhaps you have a quiet personality but you have a friend who is an extrovert, She likes to be out there, all the time. Because she thinks you stay at home too much she frequently encourages you (rather too strongly for your liking) to go out with her. Her choice of venue is usually somewhere filled with lots of people, loud music and flashing lights. Perhaps you are uncomfortable in crowded and noisy places.

It could be you do enjoy the occasional night out spent having a meal in a quiet venue. You feel uplifted after attending a small gathering that doesnít go on for too long. At times you like to go to the movies but you arenít into horror, action or science fiction/fantasy. You may actually be quite happy going to a movie of your choice alone.

There is probably some common ground between the two of you. You may well get a boost from making the effort to go out but not to the loudest place in town. Doing something a little different could be good for you.

However, if you prefer to spend most nights at home reading, listening to music or doing your own thing, thatís what will make you happiest. You may need to explain how you feel to your friend who quite likely canít imagine anyone being happy spending so much time alone. She may honestly be concerned about you because she knows she would go stir crazy if she spent most nights and weekends at home. It is possible she fears you are depressed so be prepared to explain you need time alone to recharge your batteries or indulge in creative pursuits.

If you want to continue the friendship make a point to go out with your extrovert friend sometimes. If you always refuse her invitations she may misinterpret the situation and think you donít value the friendship.

Perhaps you could suggest a few activities you are comfortable with such as a walk in a national park, a trip to a fauna park or breakfast at a quirky but relaxed cafť. This will show you want to spend time with her and that you are just a quiet person, not a recluse. She may even discover some quieter activities are actually enjoyable.

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