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Some Thoughts About Community

by carolyncordon (follow)
Carolyn Cordon Positively Positive Prose! mickjaneandme.wordpress.com/
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blue sky and tree
dead gum tree in backyard - writer's own photo

I'm currently sitting on a sofa on the back veranda, listening to the birds as they cheep and chirp. In the sky I can see some birds, both small and oh, that was a much bigger one!

When the bigger bird flew off to the left the tone of the chatter intensified to a warning, until it had gone away. The little birds were looking after each other, perhaps. That larger bird was some kind of bird of prey, a harrier I suspect. It had the slow and unhurried look to it I equate with harriers.

It's lovely sitting here. I have the breeze keeping me cool, and the creatures keeping me company, one of the creatures is one of our dogs, Nena. It seems she wouldn't mind being inside again, she keeps wandering over to the door she's usually let inside through.

Now she's back closer to me, sniffing around, peeing and yes, she's gone back to the door. If I don't let Nena back inside, what will she do? Hmm, she'll try to get someone inside to open the door, that's what. Nena just gave a little woof by the door, waited briefly and then came to me, to see if I'd help her.

I live in a rural area, a township with farms around. I'm not a farmer, but I certainly know farmers. My husband and I moved here from the suburbs, and I think we both feel it was a great idea. The sense of community we have here is so much more than we've had in suburbia. Out here in the country, people look out for each other, just like those little birds, chatting and chirping, and giving warnings when danger threatens.

Ah, what was that sound? Nena looked up and took off for the door - my son had opened the door, and now it's just me and the birds. And the insects, of course, there's always the insects. Ants, flies and various other types of creepy crawlies. Being an Australian in a rural area, there's always a chance of other very much unwanted creatures.

It's Spring, and the snakes are out and about, looking for food and for looking for a mate. There may be baby snakes too, hatched and ready for action. Their kind of companionship is certainly not the kind I want. If a snake were to show up here, it would most likely be a brown snake. These snakes are venomous and they are the only creature I really, really don't want to see at my place. We've had them here before and survived, but I'd be happier if they never come here again.

I'm a member of various kinds of community. There's my family, both close and living far away. Then there's the people living in my township, and the rest of the council district. Further away are the various members of writing groups I'm involved with. In my past there were my workmates and before that people from the school I went to as a child.

The online world has opened up all kinds of communities I connect with. These communities all join together to enable me to live a full and interesting life. I have the opportunity to connect with people I will probably never meet in real life. These connection can still be real though, and can lead to real friendships, albeit distant ones. Making connections and joining communities is a way to be a fuller human being whilst at the same time doing what our fellow animal creatures do. This is to be with others to help all to live well, thriving and raising our young, teaching them so they can grow and form their own communities.

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