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Simply Us Part 2

by Reuben B (follow)
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In Part 2 of this series we will take a look at the role of women throughout history, and a brief look at its many changes but yet still inherently quite simple. As with men, a womenís default behaviours have changed very little, but their reaction to outside events has shaped the entire planet. This article follows from Part 1 of this series.

Since the beginning women have been mothers; they have given birth to our children cooked meals and cleaned everything from caves to mansions. When you watch a mother give birth and begin to feed the baby; as much as itís a beautiful thing to watch; you also realise that it comes seemingly naturally with very little guidance. Like men there are default behaviours that shape who we are as people.

Yet in the early stages of mankindís history in most parts of the globe, women were deemed housewives, property or a lower class of person whose basic function was to stay home and care for the young and cook food for the man. Naturally there were exceptions, and donít assume that this happened in every single home.

It wasnít until the 1960s that things really started to change. After centuries women stood up and forced their voice to be heard, demanding equal rights and to be viewed as equals among men.
But again this was still only reactionary behaviour. A woman's actions and roles havenít changed a great deal. What has changed is menís perception and understanding of the womenís role.

Women are far stronger than what they are given credit for. When it comes to their children they are fierce in their defence. Try being a stay at home dad for a few days with young children when youíre not used to it. It doesnít take long for your appreciation levels to rise markedly.

The feminist movement is interesting in that it wasnít so much that they wanted to take over menís roles or jobs; but rather to be seen, treated and paid as equals, and itís still ongoing. Yet what men are more aware of now is the strength of women, and the value they bring to the workplace and the home, because they do bring a different view.

It is when men and women combine in a relationship and understand each otherís strengths and weaknesses, and work together to complement each other that we really see the value of the others roles and why they are different. We are created differently, so that when we work together more actually gets done.
We couldnít live in a world of only men. Likewise with only women. As much as we have our arguments, disputes and differences; the reality is we need each other.
Like men however, as much as menís and womenís reactionary behaviour has shaped the world, we still have our basic functions and roles. We still see each other sometimes the way history has taught us, yet we are starting to dispense with this and realise that just because we are different from each other, doesnít mean one is less than the other.

We are quite simply human.

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