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Simplifying Our Wardrobe

by Colleen P Moyne (Colmo) (follow)
I'm a freelance writer living in the beautiful river town of Mannum in SA, dreaming of the day I can retire from the 9-5 to write full time.
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Woman at closet, Wardrobe
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I think it’s time we took a good look at our closets. How many of each type of clothing do we have in there? How many shirts, dresses, pants, shoes….The same goes for our drawers. How many pairs of knickers and socks? How many odd socks? And I guess the biggest question is whether the items you have are versatile enough to make lots of different combinations for different looks.

If you are an impulse buyer (and let’s face it, we've all done it at some time), you probably have some bits and pieces that just don't go with anything else. If you really don’t have a good use for them, then you could consider swapping, selling or donating them.

Side note: Swap parties are gaining in popularity and may be something for you to consider. Invite some friends around for drinks or afternoon tea and ask them to bring any unwanted clothing, shoes and accessories. Lay them all out and swap with each other. It’s a way to re-home your unwanted items and gain new pieces for your own wardrobe at no cost except for some coffee and cake (or better still - wine and cheese!)

So getting back to the issue - how many of each item do we really need? Pick a number that works for you. For me it’s about five for most things. Five winter pants, five capri pants for summer, five pairs of shoes (pretty colours), same with t-shirts, jumpers and bras. Five to eight knickers, a couple of pairs of jeans and shorts. I don’t own any dresses or skirts.

Messy Closet, What to Wear
Image courtesy of thewardrobeworkshop.com

The problem I have though is shirts. I have way too many shirts. I love to browse the thrift shops and can’t resist a good shirt. I figure that aside from this one weakness I’m not doing too badly. And yes, I do have a small stash of ever-so-slightly-too-small ones put aside for that miraculous day when I reach my ideal weight……

I have, however, started the habit of ‘buy one - get rid of one’, so now I don’t feel so guilty if I bring a new one home.

My workday look is plain pants with coloured shirt and shoes. I also have coloured bracelets to complement each shirt. This approach works well for me as the only decision I need to make each day is what colour I feel like wearing. Weekends it’s always jeans and t-shirts unless I’m going out.

Woman at closet, Wardrobe
Image courtesy of stylingsights.com

The other thing I've pretty much conquered is the dreaded ironing pile. I rarely have one at all. Mostly I fold or hang things as I take them off the line and then each morning I iron my outfit for the day. I have not found any significant difference in my electricity bill by doing this. A lot of shirts and t-shirts don’t need ironing as I hang them so that the peg marks are under the arm (I also won’t buy shirts that are difficult to iron).

By simplifying our wardrobe, we’re saving time, money and making the most of the space we have. It’s also a good feeling knowing that donating our unwanted clothing is going to make someone else happy.

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