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Simple Pleasures

by jussiecatwriter (follow)
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A family walking along a beach
Walking along the beach is a simple pleasure that costs nothing. Image courtesy of imagerymajestic at freedigitalphotos.net

It isnít hard to imagine how enjoying, relaxing and pleasurable it would be to escape to your favourite holiday destination. It could be so wonderful in a hotel with a pool that served exquisite three course meals that make your mouth water just thinking about. It would be wonderful to have money at your disposal to buy a luxurious dress, perhaps.

However, there are so many ways to treat yourself and allow yourself to feel special or to improve your mood that donít cost anything or very little. Here are some affordable ways you could try to pamper yourself.

1. Sleep in. Every now and then, treat yourself to some extra snooze time. Choose not to worry about anything, at least for this time.

2. Play your favourite DVDs with hot chocolate or other favourite snacks. It is certainly cheaper than paying at the movies.

3. Go to the beach. Feel the surf crash gently upon you, or enjoying the warmth of the sun as you lay on a colourful beach towel. The fresh air and the cool water can invigorate you.

4. Go for a drive in the country. I know the times that I have been treated to a country drive the sudden change from smog and noise to fresh air and birds singing has me smiling without my realising it.

5. Curl up with youíre a good book. Allow yourself to digest at your leisure personally appealing material.

6. Massage. If youíre in a health fund you can claim a great majority of it back allowing it to be as relaxing as it should be!

7. Home facial. An alternative to facials given by beauty parlours and affordable if you buy a few great products
8. Put on your favourite music and dance!

9. Light some candles and put on relaxing music The peaceful ambience can help you reframe and refresh.

10. Go op shopping/window shop. You donít even have to buy anything or if you do, op shops have pre-loved clothing at prices that won't be a cause for regret.

11. Go to an animal shelter and pet some orphan dogs and cats. .

12. Ring a friend you havenít spoken to in ages.

13. Go to the Botanical Gardens. Perhaps Roma Street Parklands or Mt Cootha, or another beautiful garden setting with walks, flower and fauna. Perhaps the mountains or rainforests appeal to you.

14. Go to the art gallery. I believe that the Brisbane Art Gallery and Museum are free.

15. South Bank. You donít have to spend a lot but the low cost, pleasant environment and food (you may have to pay a little more at some restaurants) can make for a lovely day.

16. Enjoy a BBQ. Put some sausages, steak on the BBQ and invite neighbours and friends for a relaxing day outside.

17. Watch the sun set*. Enjoy the twilight hours and watch the colours change as the day comes to a close.

18. Watch the stars at night. Rather than an evening round the dinner table or watching television, meditate on the beauty and wonder of the night sky constellations.

19. Creativity that's personally appealing Whether itís drawing, knitting or making a collage, different people may find various different creative outlets that are enjoyable and relaxing.

20. Go to a Zumba, pilates or yoga class. If you look up the Brisbane City Council website you will find classes that are free and held in park areas some of which are sure to be accessible to you.

21. Walk a dog. Let the poochís natural enthusiasm and zest for life rub off on you as you take a canine buddy on a stroll.

22. Pick some flowers, or enjoy them vicariously!

23. Ride a bike. There is an expansive network of bike paths that meander throughout the suburbs. If you pick a scenic route, you can enjoy the endorphins and the scenery.

24. Go to a garage sale. All sorts of odds and ends, books, clothing and jut about anything you can think of can be found Ė at very affordable prices!

Whether you are down, bored, or in the need of some renewed spirit and vim, there are many pleasurable activities that you can always find that are affordable or cost nothing!

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I enjoyed reading your list of simple pleasures, Jussie. Many of them are on my personal list. As I get older I find it is truly the simple pleasures which I value most. Anything that involves s-l-o-w-i-n-g down and keeping it simple brings me pleasure.
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