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Simple Pleasures

by Marie Vonow (follow)
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Gratitude, Life, Pleasure, Simple
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These days more people are adopting a simpler lifestyle. There is the Ďslow movementí and classes and books on how to de-clutter your home for a simpler, calmer life. Some of the greatest pleasures are actually the simple ones. Some of these are things that just happen without any effort on your part. Others are the result of a conscious choice.

Everyone lists different things as a pleasure. I have a friend who really feels the cold so that breeze I enjoy is actually chilly to her and not a pleasure. Another friend enjoys going for a ride on her bicycle but this is not a pleasure to me.

It doesnít matter what you consider to be a pleasure as long as there are things that bring joy to your life and you experience these things from time to time. It is also important that you notice the pleasures in your life and feel gratitude for them.

Gratitude, Life, Pleasure, Simple
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To stimulate your thoughts about what the simple pleasures in your life are I decided to list twenty of mine, in random order -

1. A fresh breeze wafting through an open window when itís hot outside
2. The smell of rain on hot concrete after a heat wave
3. Meeting a friend by coincidence
4. Flowers
5. Finding coins I didnít know I had in a bag I havenít used for a while
6. Notification of a book or CD on hold for me at the library
7. The first sip of a hot cup of coffee when I am really hanging out for one
8. Cuddling my dog
9. Communication of any sort from/with a friend
10. Mastering a new skill
11. Sharing a joke
12. Crushing peppermint or a lemon scented herb between my fingers and inhaling the fragrance
13. Coming across a piece of street art I havenít seen before
14. Almond blossom
15. The smell of my neighbour cooking curry
16. Picking vegetables from my garden
17. Receiving a newsy letter in the post
18. Listening to my favourite music
19. Hearing an owl hooting
20. Watching birds

Gratitude, Life, Pleasure, Simple
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There are other simple pleasures in my life. What are some of the pleasures in your life? I hope there are many.

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