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Several Ways to Overcome Your Fear of Flying

by archi (follow)
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Many people may have the fear of lying even without knowing it. If you are such a person, these are some tips from Brisbane Jet Base that you can use to overcome your fear of flying. Once you overcome your fear, you will easily become an avid overseas traveler.

Know what to expect

The sounds and sights of flying should be the first things to know. Understand the movements and bumps of an airplane. Your mind will tend to wander if you do not know what to expect on the flight or at the airport. A realistic notion of what you are to expect can only be done by getting an idea of what flying entails.

Understand why flying is safe

There is a common saying that states 'flying is safer than driving'. Statistics have proven this to be true as studies have shown that you are 500 Ė 1,000 times more likely to die on the highway than on a plane. At the same time, there are fewer airplane crashes than road accidents. If you are comfortable driving or being driven to the airport, you should be more comfortable flying.

Get a wing seat

Book a seat on the plane's wing if turbulence is your nemesis. Even though getting on a plane is the first step to overcoming your fear, you still have to deal with nerves that act up while you are in the plane. There is cool air from the valve above you, and it can be used to relax and chill out. Opening the nozzle to full and directing the air to your face is a good strategy. The rush of air will ensure your heavy breathing is calmed. Frequent flyershave said sitting over the plane's wing is the most stable location.

Pretend you are on a bus

This method may sound too simple, but it works. It can be really helpful when you close your eyes and imagine you are riding a bus. When it comes to it, flying on a plane and riding a bus don't feel that much different. Some people may state that turbulence is quite scary. Though this might be true, turbulence has the semblance of being on a bumpy road. Pretending you are on a bus has been proven to be one of the ways you can use to learn how to overcome flying phobia.


If all the above tips to overcome fear of flying do not work for you, make an appointment with your physician. Doing this will prevent you from postponing or cancelling your flight. Explain your anxiety or other symptoms you may experience when you fly. The doctor is likely to prescribe a sedative such as Alprazolam. You and your physician will decide the best dosage for your condition. Keep in mind that there is nothing to be ashamed of.

Giving into your flying phobia can lead to missing out on great opportunities of traveling and experiencing the world. The sense of accomplishment and confidence you gain when you visit a distant part of the world is more gratifying when you arrive after conquering your flying fears. By using such tips, you can easily overcome your fears or know how to deal with them.

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