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Relax By Watching The Clouds

by Marie Vonow (follow)
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Clouds, Nature, Relaxation
Image: Marie Vonow

As we rush through the day we may not notice the clouds. Without looking out the window can you say if there are lots of clouds today? Are they white or grey? What type are they? Watching the clouds can be relaxing. I guess that is because one has to actually stop to take notice of them.

Clouds are different every day. In fact clouds change through the day so what you see in the morning will be different from what you see in the afternoon. Getting into the habit of taking notice of the clouds helps one feel in touch with Nature and Nature helps one relax.

If you want to relax, lie on the grass and gaze up at the clouds. Don’t think about work, your ‘to do’ list or your problems. Just allow your thoughts to wander. This is something children seem to do instinctively: they don’t have to be told watching the clouds is good for their emotional wellbeing.

Some people like to look at the clouds and see shapes, perhaps a tree or a castle in them. They let their imagination wander and as they do so, they relax.

When one is in a rural setting the clouds can add something extra to the overall experience. Clouds are one more aspect of how wonderful Nature is. No wonder gazing at the clouds is said to ‘benefit the soul’.

Clouds, Nature, Relaxation
Clouds in the country. Image: Marie Vonow

Even when you are surrounded by city buildings it is quite possible you will be able to see clouds. It is nice to have that element of Nature above you.

Clouds, Nature, Relaxation
Clouds and city buildings. Image: Marie Vonow

Clouds can look amazing at sunrise or sunset when the sun is reflected on them. The colours make them look quite different from any other time of the day.

Clouds, Nature, Relaxation
Clouds at sunrise. Image: Marie Vonow

On the internet there are numerous sites with video footage of clouds accompanied by gentle music to help people relax. Some suggest watching and listening to these videos will help overcome insomnia.

There are also visualisation guides with activities such as imaging you are floating on a cloud and looking down at a lovely natural scene of green grass.

Clouds are relaxing and the real ones are available without any need for technology. Next time you want to relax try gazing at the clouds and take a few deep breaths.

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