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Quantum Love

by Millie Clayton (follow)
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My background does not delve into the ‘science’ arena. However, when I refer upon ideas associated with romanticism my mind often gets drawn to scientific perspectives. How love chemically presents itself in the mind often arises in my thoughts. Whether we are genetically designed to stick to one partner for life (scientists have been able to pinpoint monogamy genetics in certain species of mammals) also takes up some thinking time. Overall, the big theme that persists to grasp my attention is the notion of there being “the one.” The pressure surmounted upon that particular noun is central in a society obsessed with the concept of destiny.

Quantum physics relates to a scientific field interested within an infinitesimal proximity of the Universe and its subatomic properties. If you do not happen to be scientifically inclined then great! Neither am I. What is interesting about quantum physics is the extent to which it continues to frustrate scientists. The common quotation surrounding the discipline is ‘If you understand quantum physics then you most definitely do not understand it in the slightest.' The underlying notion of this area is that it completely defies rational philosophies.

Quantum physics will probably always be mentally unpalatable as it poses the possibility of certain contradictions co-existing simultaneously. Despite the lack of sense within the modality of intrinsic thought, studies such as ‘The Double Slit Experiment‘ have demonstrated that particles are affected by our intent. The implication of this study in essence, can be taken to be that particles have their own consciousness. Other phenomenons include the uncertainty surrounding the precision of where a particle is in space comparative to how quickly it can move. Whilst particles are essentially mass, they also are noted as operating in waves when scientists are not looking (imagine water ripples). Whilst this doesn’t seem strange superficially, it has all kinds of implications leading to the semblance that particles have a certain omnipresence. This allows the possibility of particles moving faster than the fastest known thing in the Universe - light.

The psychological reasoning behind our belief in fate is the sensation that we are not in control. There is too much of our lives dictated by chance and timing. Our brains are programmed to assess scenarios and infer meanings from them. What quantum physics has apprised scientists with however is that the Universe is not reliant on Laws of Nature which dictate the world perceived around us. This completely contradicts the original view that life is mapped out by providence. It also interferes with the notion of us being predisposed to ending up with a certain someone. A person that is designed for you and you only. The way quantum physics informs us of the world is entirely different to as we have ever known it. What has been unveiled is the opportunity to be privy to the notion that there is no Divine plan.

We experience several laughable chance encounters a day which roll the dice and lead us to meeting a number of different people. There are a number of prerequisites that we do have control over. We have to be in the right place at the right time. We have to be in the correct mindset for a relationship. We have to know what we want, be open and communicative and so on and so forth. It is a requirement that there be an infinite amount of circumstantial coincidences leading up to meeting someone special. That is not to mention the fundamental obstacles one has to jump through in order to be mature enough for a union of sorts. From all of the proposed implications that timing has on the establishment of a relationship, we are left to feel disconcerted.

Whilst we are programmed to think in ways which infer meaning; nature stupefies this logic through quantum physics. It is obvious that we are meant to be ignorant when it comes to the ways of the Universe as otherwise we wouldn’t be continuously mystified by it. What we can feel comfort from is that we receive comfort from others. There doesn’t need to be this pressure or requirement of their being a 'one' that is designed especially for you. Just the knowledge that that person makes you feel happy and loved should simply be enough.

Image Courtesy of Jessie Fjord: https://www.facebook.com/fjordillustration?fref=ts

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