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Putting The Gratitude Journal: I Tried it And It Worked

by jussiecatwriter (follow)
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Over the time Self Avenue has blossomed with amazing articles about just about every subject that deals with how one can make oneís life more rich, fulfilling and worthwhile. I have read many articles on the subject of gratitude journals. Being busy with university, my thoughts were always ďThat sounds like a wonderful idea - I must try it sometime."

Whenever I say I must try it sometime, deep down I know that, due to other commitments the wonderful idea will remain a hypothetical.
However, when I was hospital recently recovering from a depressive episode, a dear friend of mine came and visited me with the cutest notepad with a cat on the front. It was pocket-sized and just begging to be filled - but with what?

In the past, I probably would have used it for some diary-like purpose, which no doubt would have be filled with the dayís full share of woes.

However, I thought - Hey, hereís the perfect opportunity to actually put this gratitude journal idea into practice. This decision was made from the thought that when youíre feeling low, writing about it would seem in theory to make it worse. Surely, the reverse must be true too. However, as I said, up to that time, the idea remained hypothetical.

And so it began, probably a little more than a week ago, and now itís in my routine - second on the list.
My first entry was ďfell asleep straight away when my head hit the pillow.Ē I had been not sleeping properly for a week, so I canít tell you how good that felt. However, to recognise that as being a good thing constituted the grounds for gratitude. My friend also brought me a really good book. A lot of books I just canít get into, but the ďBook ThiefĒ was brilliant.

On and on it went. There was, and continues to be an unbelievable number of things on my gratitude list.

I never ever thought that actually putting the Gratitude List into practice would have such a profound effect.

What have I learnt from this? Well, now Iím not going to uni, I have time to read all the amazing stuff in the Self-Avenue forum, and put it into practice. And, we have some amazing writers at Self Avenue - congratulate yourselves!!

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