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Pushing Past the Liar

by Ryan Hauck (follow)
Seek not to follow in the footsteps of the wise; Seek what they sought -Basho
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You may have heard of the EGO, but I prefer to call it the Liar.

This is the voice in our heads that has a repository of comments which includes (but is not limited to);

No, that's not going to work
It is simply not possible
Don't bother, you're not good enough

This is deeply embedded in our cultural narrative. Its something we pick up from our predecessors, our parents, friends, society. Its reinforced through mainstream media, television, news, commercials, movies, and music. It is EVERYWHERE.

Its what drives you to buy the latest - whether its clothing, makeup, diet plans, technology, books, or insurance policies. It is what makes life seem dangerous, unfair, fearful, devoid of any real security (or meaning). It gives the impression we will be happier but it doesn't end. There is always 'something else' that will make us 'happier'.

It is our choice to decide if this is true and act accordingly.

When we make our own decisions, the more we open to the abundant glory that life can provide. We are tapped into a stream of beauty, Love, grace, and Joy at all times.

Be Aware

Utilize Intelligence (thought ,word) to re-establish Truth in consciousness. This can be accomplished through Affirmation or Spiritual Mind Treatment, which assist us in forming new thought trends.

Be Engaged
This sphere represents our activity in the world. And not just quantity, but Quality of Engagement. Its great to think and speak with power, but are we demonstrating what we think and say as being TRUE in our lives?

Take control
Of your thought, words, and actions, which will lead to a more pure, loving, graceful, and joyous expression (and experience) of life.

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# Engagement
# Materialism
# Taking Control
# Decisions
# Truth
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