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Phone Memory vs Your Memory

by Lu Lu Belle (follow)
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If you go somewhere awesome, and don't check in on a social network...are you really there?

Can we not enjoy a moment these days without having to take a snap shot of it with our phones, then immediately upload it to a social network? When looking at some of the pictures I see on Facebook at first I get wrapped up in the moment...their moment, and then stop to think about how they had interrupted it to share it with everyone.

I'll admit that when my daughter was first born I went a little crazy with the snapshots and videos. Luckily, this was before social networking was huge. But at some stage I did find myself in awkward predicaments where I was no longer enjoying the moment, and rather wasting my time trying to get the perfect shot, in the perfect light of her doing the perfect pose. This is so I could keep the photo and gaze upon it later in life of course. As the years have gone by though, when I look at some of the pictures I took I remember that it wasn't as great a moment as it portrays. My daughter and others will be able to look at these photos and smile, but I won't.

This gets me to thinking that nowadays with social media at its peak and photos being taken of almost everything that we do, who are we actually taking these pictures for and why?

The image that we project of ourselves onto others is not what is going to keep our beds warm at night or smiles upon our faces in years to come. It's going to be the memories.

I fear that life is becoming far too documented, and becoming way too technological. We need to put our phones and cameras down, and take a good look around without picturing everything in pictures.

A long time ago...well, over ten years ago I was with a beautiful group of friends. We were young and free, visiting one of their relatives in the countryside - a beautiful woman who has forever left a print on my heart with her words of wisdom and her genuine lovely outlook on life. She lived on the outskirts of a small country town which was surrounded by mountains, and took us for a walk one afternoon, and we walked until the twilight hour.

During this walk she told us to take off our shoes so we could feel the soil under our feet, which was lovely at first, but being city folk half way back through our journey our feet began to ache from the rough terrain. Some of us, most likely me more than anyone started to complain. So, she pointed toward the river which ran from the Snowy Mountains and explained that it was ice cold and we should dip our feet in for relief. I did, and it felt amazing.

As we walked on further a beautiful site fell before me. The moon was beginning to rise in between two mountains. It was so spectacular, and I said so. This beautiful woman came over to me and told me to form my fingers into the shape of a camera and take a mental snap shot of it. And so I did. What a beautiful moment. I still remember and cherish it. We weren't fumbling around for our phones or checking in to Facebook. We were just there enjoying our surroundings and each others company.

We need to give our phones a rest and live in the moment more. Yeah, sure, take a picture or two. But we really don't have to.

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is there to hear it, does it still make a sound? Of course it does. It's just that you weren't there to hear it. I'm sure there were animals around who did, and it's a good thing they don't have Facebook. We have enough news.

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