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Passion, Profit & Purpose.

by Justine Crowley (follow)
Independent Business Consultant, Doctor, HubGarden Editor and Author/Publisher of four self help books: www.smashwords.com/profile/view/JustineCrowley
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Drawn by yours truly in only one minute. With a passionate life, the sun will set for you. You will be able to grow your own money tree on the back of love. You have plenty to give, and then you shall receive.

We are meant to live a life in line with our soul purpose. When we're living out our dreams on a daily basis (no matter how simple at first), we're happy. Money and other areas just flow to us with ease and grace. This is how we're meant to be living. "Free as a bird."

It is interesting. A high income, and a job with high status with the fancy car, house and clothes does not make you happy. I was working in law on great money, yet I was always up to my eyeballs in debt. Work and life consumed me. It was until I first became a freelancer in the media, things began to change. My income was less to begin with, yet my debt levels quickly went to zero (with the exception of a small mortgage on my house, of which I have almost paid off) because I was (and still am) engaged in work that I love, and my gifts were being shared with the world. They weren't when I was working in the corporate world in the legal profession.

Sound familiar?

To this day, a mere two years after making the decision to first become a freelance writer, my income now exceeds the high income I was earning when I worked in law.

Major lesson:

Have immense faith and just go for what you want. Sure, going for your soul purpose in life will be scary. Rest assured, there are many other people who have gone down this path before.

When a plane takes off into the air from the runway, that is when this plane is using nearly all of its fuel capacity. With any new project, you're climbing a steep mountain for a bit, and once you've reached the peak - everything is all down hill from there. The universe is simply testing you. That is all.

Key life lessons on living a life by only engaging in work that you're passionate about:

With passion, you're living your life on purpose. You can't help but make great money on the back of this. People will want you. They will be crying out for you, as your passion shows in what you do.
Money comes through you (via passion) and not to you. Money is a game and a machine. You just need to know how it works.
It doesn't matter what you think about yourself. You just need to know how to make money yourself. People are unconscious about their real financial needs. Do not chase pay raises. Have that belief that money works for you through great deeds.
Know thyself.
Ideas without action is not good.
Feel happy. Happiness comes to you. You can only feel happy when your work feels like play to you = passion.
Be grounded in your body and in your mind.
Meditate on a daily basis
When you engage in work you're not passionate about, and you're just engaging in such work to "make ends meet"...I hate to tell you, but you're a prostitute. Why? You're not serving from the heart.
When your heart is in something, you can have what you want.
Your mind can be your worst enemy. Your heart must be open. When your heart is open, the world is your oyster.
Receiving is equally as important as giving to others.
Focus on love

Yes, you can have what you want, yet you need to serve others first. Living a great, purposeful life engaged in passionate work means that you'll make a profit in your business, should you decide to run your own business like yours truly does. On the other hand, if you're still happy working for someone else, and if you follow these principles to heart, your career will take off.

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Amen to that Mario, and looking at your pic you're one happy man!
That is grrreat, Justine! I say, it's time to mount-up -- ladies and gentlemen. It's time to take the Universe back!
Thank you :)
Great article! Thanks very much for this :)
Hi Loretta

I wholeheartedly agree with you 100% on this :)


Justine xx
I love this Justine :)
I see money as energy, and the more that we exert energy through living our life in line with our soul purpose, the more money will attract into our lives. If we serve others, we will be served by the universe.

Loretta xx
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