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No Pain No Gain

by Sarah Psihogios (follow)
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It's frustrating to see people who have personal contacts in certain industries to earn fame, could be the worst at their job but it doesn't matter so long they're marketed well and make that particular industry provide money fights.

For people such as myself, it's scrapping opportunities from the bottom of the barrel where most of the projects and work I put in doesn't get paid for. But at the same time, it pays off in the end once I earn experience for myself. To me, it's not about who gets paid the most to be where they are today, it's the people who never had to work hard for it.

Now, being in the film industry, nobody can market someone like me because I don't have a proper name for myself and it's hard to market someone nobody knows or cares about. But then again, if I catch a break, make my films and submit them constantly into film festivals people may pay attention to me if I'm lucky.

Opposing to someone who's family members are in the industry and can provide them a proper career, they don't need to go through the hassle getting a name for themselves. That or someone who's face is carved by angels and be marketed well because they're good looking.

It's people like that I have an issue with parading around the industry especially if they're not good at what they do but they breeze though it because they make a lot money for companies.

It's a shame certain people are corrupted by money and how they can swim in the amounts they make, I just have a little ray of sunshine of hope that someday I'll be up there too making my feature films and knowing all my hard work has finally paid off.

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Too true..
ah, I find it very sad when one is able to benefit purely from the help of others. It makes me lose my respect for them- it's like they've cheated their way to success.
Though what annoys me even more, is when one says that the reason someone is so good at something is a 'natural born talent' or 'gift from god' or any of that rubbish. It's like they are completely ignorant to any hard work, effort or time that person has put in.
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