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New Year’s Resolutions

by Rhi Rhi T (follow)
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Ensure those New Year's Resolutions are sticky

Every year we make New Years resolutions. Every year we promise to keep them. And every year we seem appear to have broken them by then middle of the year.

This seems to be a tradition that we all take part in: we want to change things about ourselves, and we want to believe that we can muster the will power to continue with these changes throughout the whole year. But unfortunately things go wrong. Things crop up, and things happen within our personal lives that mean that we cannot continue with our new years resolutions.

Throughout the year we have many opportunities in which to promise to do things differently, and to change or better our own lives - as well as the lives of those around us. We have New Years; Lent - where we try and give up the things we crave most; Birthday wishes, and other religious holidays (Christian and many other religions too) where we promise to show strength and will power in which to change things about ourselves. Muslims engage in Ramada every year, and is one of the most scared religious ceremonies in their calendar; where they show the most restraint and determination to stay true to their beliefs. So why is that we cant stick to our resolutions?

My new years resolution this year will be the same as every year: to look after myself better through exercise; make better food choices, and general health choices. For the most part I stick to this as I do eat healthier, and I do exercise more; but somewhere down the line little things creep into my daily life that make it hard to stick to my resolution. Especially when we're out driving or shopping where fast food appears more favourable. Or I go to the gym for the first few months of the year, and then slowly stop going as it doesn’t fit into my weekly routine anymore due to other commitments. Then promising to start up again in the following month, but it never seems to come around.

So this year I’ve started early. Instead of waiting for the New Year to officially start, I have started my resolutions earlier. I joined the gym at the beginning of December this year, and have been going at least four times a week. I haven’t started a new diet as Christmas chocolate and turkey dinners are just too good to pass up; but I have started regulating my portion sizes. Many people believe its what you eat that matters on a diet, where as I agree with those who say its how much you eat that really counts. Everything in moderation.

I have found though that considering I started my New Years resolutions early this year, I have already accommodated them into my weekly routines better, and I can organise the up coming year around my commitments. This is due to the fact that by going to the gym before the New Year even gets here, I feel uncomfortable and sluggish if I haven’t gone to the gym in a while. Considering I'm feeling this way after only a few weeks of attending my new gym, it will mean that when January does get here; I will be more committed this year to stick to my resolutions then I have been in pervious years.


Don’t make New Years Resolutions that you can't stick to, or that may be too much of a stretch.

You don’t have to make massive promises that you cant stick to, or will be impossible to accomplish as this will just drag your whole perspective of the year down.

Set yourself small, easy targets that can be achieved on a month to month basis; even if it is setting new fitness goals or finishing one book per month. Break your resolutions down into small manageable pieces to focus on at a time.

Start practicing and incorporating your New Years Resolutions early this year, so that you have a better chance of sticking to them; rather then just saying you’ll do it and never getting around to it.

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