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Mummy Sabbatical: Where, When, Why & How.

by Parent's Wisdom (follow)
Tracey Groombridge
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New York

Part 2: Mummy Sabbatical...but where would I go and what to do?

The retreat doesn't have to be a week in Vegas or to the Maldives; but we do have to get some space to think and reflect sometimes. This space might be at a friendís house for a weekend or overnight. What if we donít have a babysitter, you'll need to find a good one. Itís one of the best resources you will use in your parenting life. Find out from your local education institution if there are people studying childcare who would like to be your sitter; swap favours with friends, but do anything but find a trustworthy, loyal and reliable group of sitters.

There are some communities that will exchange babysitting services for other things like free haircuts or car washing. Utilise your family if youíre lucky enough to have them around. You need time away from your kids once in a while, and they need time away from you too. Harsh I know, but trust me itís for the greater good.

For those who you who like to say the most dreaded sentence have ever heard ďOh their Dad is babysitting them today.Ē I say Heís not babysitting. They are his children, and itís his responsibility to take care of them too. He doesn't need a standing ovation and a cut lunch.

Also mums hear this: do not ask for a leave pass from your children; they will undoubtedly say please donít leave me mummy with big brown eyes filled with tears, or if you have a teenager youíre the worst mum in the world how could you leave us...whatever. Never ever ask them. Just discuss this with your partner, and just do it.

For those out there that are thinking I would love to do the sabbatical thing, but I have obligations and responsibilities that I canít possibly do it...well Iím sorry to announce this: obligations are choices. I recognise sometimes those obligations can have consequences, like if you donít go to work you donít get paid, but it doesn't change the fact that they are still choices. Some choices have more consequences then others, harsh but true.

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