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Lost and Clueless - Stop Saying No and Save Yourself

by Liesha (follow)
Liesha Petrovich
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I know what itís like to be completely lost and stuck in a bad situation.

Who among us can claim they have never felt overwhelmed, stressed, or locked in a life that they didnít really want? Weíve all felt that we needed to change something in our lives but had no idea what the next step was. Itís like being locked in a box without windows or doors.

But of course, there is always a new direction to go. It just takes courage to take the next step. It may not be easy and it may take a long time. And it takes a change in our mindset that no one is coming to save us. No one is going to hand us our dreams.

We have to take action and stop waiting for things to magically happen.

Remember Your Dreams
I wanted to be a priest or vet and live on the moon when I was a kid. Although my dreams changed drastically over the years, I still remember what it was like to look up at the stars and ask myself what if I could live on the moon?

looking at the sky

The first step is always to remember our most heartfelt dreams. The kind of dreams that have no limitations. The kind of daydream that is fulfilling and rewarding. Letís use a common dream like ďI want to be a writerĒ. Never start with ďBut, I canít make a living as a writerĒ.

Donít come up with a list of why itís impossible. Simply remember a passion and what it would feel like to have that dream come true.

Choose a Path
My dream was to live on the moon, which is impossible to achieve (for now!). Yet, it was easy to follow my dream of being independent and creative. I just followed a well-worn pathway that many others have taken before and started my own tiny business. Finding good examples was really easy and I had lots of amazing role models. I simply had to take the next step.

In Seize the Day: The Hero Mindset, Ella Gibbons shares how action is the only thing that counts:

ďIf you want to go back to college, figure out how to make that happen. Itís not making the statement ĎI want to go to collegeí. Thatís just a phrase. The essence of Ďseize the dayí is figuring out steps that take you from potential student to actual student.

The only difference is action.Ē

Strong Woman

The same goes for our wanna-be writer. Remember, itís all in finding a thoughtful plan that takes our writer from dream to action.

Donít Put Limits On Whatís Possible
We know that writers donít need to be paid for their work to be a ďrealĒ writer. But why put limits on whatís possible? Why canít our writer be paid for her amazing work?

Keeping with our writer dream, itís not that difficult to find a reasonable plan that can transform the desire to be a writer into an actual real-world accomplishment. In 105 Side Business Ideas You Can Start Today, the author shares a huge list ideas including how to be an ebook writer, editor, and blogger. Any of these ideas would help our would-be writer find a real pathway of success.

None of these ideas are for huge corporations. They are for people just like our fictional woman with a pipe dream to become a writer. Maybe this is her path to becoming a paid writer and maybe it's not. But it is the perfect example of whatís possible for someone starting a new dream career. And how nourishing would it be for our writerís soul to actually be working at her dream, even in a small way?

Donít put any limitations on dreams. Just start looking for a roadmap of how to do it.

Stop Saying No and Start on a New Path
The most ironic part of my entire lifeís journey is that no one ever stopped me from reaching my dream. Maybe I canít live on the moon, but the only person putting limitations on my Earth goals was me. And it makes me really sad that it took so long to learn such a simple life lesson: I can be whoever I want in this life.

lavender fields

All I needed to do was stop telling myself that I couldn't.

For me, I needed to create a path to the future I wanted and started a business. Itís not huge, but itís all mine. Itís given me confidence and a new path forward. Maybe starting a business isnít everyoneís dream. Maybe itís going back to school or moving to a new city. It doesnít really matter as long as we understand the steps needed to save ourselves.

If thereís a will, thereís a way.

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