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Let go and Start Living!

by jussiecatwriter (follow)
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A hand letting go of a heart-shaped balloon
A pot really does boil faster when you stop waiting...Image courtesy of monkey business images at dreamstime.com

Perhaps weíve all been familiar with the angst of waiting for a desired outcome to eventuate. It could be hearing about a job we really want, a phone call, a test result Ö

Why is it, when we really want this to occur as soon as possible, it just wonít seem to happen??
I suspect that it is more to do with a perception that time is going really really slowly.

For example, I remember an assignment that I did that I was particularly worried about. I didnít know whether I passed or failed. However, the subject meant a lot to me because I found it so interesting. I put in so much time into that assignment that the result became of exaggerated importance.

While the more mundane things in life needed to be done, like paying bills, keeping up my exercise routine and the like, I stupidly put everything on hold, until I got my assignment mark back. I would keep checking the page where marks came back, only to find that there was no feedback. Sometimes I would check two or three times per day. I know Iíve behaved the same way for anything Iíve been waiting for.

I couldn't change it. Life goes on. However, by trying to force my desires for an outcome to manifest prematurely, it created the illusion that what I wanted was never going to happen at all.

However, and this is difficult to prove, %%when I have stopped wanting the desired result to manifest, it just does.

I am not saying that stopping wanting something makes anything magic happen. However, if you call a changed perception of time that makes you relax and just let what you desire happen in its own time, of its own accord, magic, then maybe letting go is magic.

Letting go enables you to focus on other things, and not force nature into manifest your desires any faster than itís going to happen anyway.
It also means you feel less angst. Also, when the waited-for occurrence does finally pass, if itís not quite as you wanted it to be, if youíve let go of it, you can deal with it better.

Because the waiting game is addictive. You wait for what you want. Finally, after successes or failure, you achieve what you want. However, if itís all in the outcome, you forget about the journey along the way.

When you put on the kettle, you know it's going to boil. If you stand there and watch it, it ain't gonna boil no faster!!

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