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Keep Cool This Summer

by jussiecatwriter (follow)
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Image courtesy of digitalart at freedigitalphotos.net/Keeping Cool This Summer may be easier than you think

Summer is coming upon us rapidly – whether we love this weather, or hate it! Here are ten top tips for keeping cool.

1. Consider air-conditioning. This may seem like an expensive luxury, rather than something necessary, but if you are particularly bothered by the heat due to even such variables such as the material your house is made of, it can be a worthwhile investment. You can buy quite affordable specials particularly pre-summer, so take advantage of this now!

2. Frequent cool-showers. It’s obvious but many of us forget how wonderful we feel afterward – not only does it cool us down but it can be reinvigorating, giving us a feeling of renewed energy, rapidly.

3. Drink lots of water – add a slice of lime or lemon with ice cubes to increase palatability. If you are really averse to the taste of plain water, add a dash of orange juice or cordial. Along the same lines, avoid excess caffeine or alcohol, as these are both diuretics.

4. The water – whether it’s in a swimming pool, at the beach or letting the kids play under a sprinkler, it’s refreshing and if you swim a great way to keep fit in weather that can otherwise be difficult to exercise in.

5. Hang out in cool places – shopping centres, movie theatres, your home if it’s air-conditioned!

6. Eat plenty of fruit - this can be just as beneficial as water as fruit has high concentrations of water –particularly watermelon, mango. Perhaps make a smoothie. All your need is a fruit blender and these are relatively cheap.

7. Make the most of the mornings and evenings. When it comes to those necessities like housework the middle of the day can be not the most conducive time to do those high energy activities such as housework or exercising outdoors. Early walks or choosing the mornings to say, mop, leaves you relaxed to find cooler places or relaxing activities for the middle of the day.

8. Wear hats, sunscreen, and protect your skin!Australia has the highest rate of melanoma in the world. Even those of us who are olive aren’t immune, but particularly if your are fair-skinned, please protect your skin. Cotton trumps other materials like lycra off course for keeping cool. In addition, black absorbs heat more effectively than white, so keep this in mind during the day.

9. If you can’t afford air-conditioning, consider air-coolers and there are also special fans that you can get that are practically as good.

10. Remember treats like icy – poles – if you are weight conscious – pure water ones have practically no calories. Another delicious alternative is making your own ice treats. Make lemon cordial (diet, if your prefer) and pop them in the fridge!

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