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Just Don't Fit

by Mina Keenan (follow)
Chief Editor: www.CraftFound.com, www.DarlingShe.com, www.SelfAvenue.com & www.TrulyHeart.com. Blog: www.MinasJournal.blogspot.com
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Was stewing over they way I was fobbed off when greeting a couple of 'friends' who were in a larger group.

I wasn't good enough to say a returned 'Hello' to on the way past and got funny looks and rolled eyes from the others. Major snub with bells on.

I checked to make sure I wasn't invisible and my dress wasn't tucked into my underwear.

Had tried to be polite/sociable a number of times to no avail. Why the hell was I invited? Sat by myself most of the night and left as soon as I could when formalities were over.

Went home, got changed, went down the local. In a small town you're likely to know someone anywhere. Parked myself next to a regular and proceeded to moan.

The regular said: Sometimes, through no fault of your own - you just don't fit. Snobs are just 'KNOBS' with the 'S' on the wrong side.

It's probably one of the kindest things anyone's ever said to me.

Lessons from this story

A bigger issue is going on with the 'friends'.
Feel good enough about yourself to get over it.
'Redeem' yourself by connecting with someone familiar.
Maybe it wasn't your 'territory'.
Happens sometimes. Think of times when you've been readily accepted. Its a balance thing. You win some, you lose some.
Don't change because of it. Stay yourself.

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I agree with you on don't change and stay yourself. I am a believer that we should never allow our environment including people to influence our true personality. Always stay true to our core.
Totally agree :) Most of us have got to go through the process - that way we can evaluate our beliefs and really appreciate the good things about ourselves.
Lol, happened years ago - but pertinent to all sorts of situations (school, work, new boyfriend's family/friends etc). Question of etiquette, manners and you said it - age :) See it happening with young people when I go out. Hurts. Think everyone goes through it. Maybe that's why we don't do it when we're older :)
Awful when this happens. At least it helps you find out who your real friends are! The problem is with them, how immature. Next time they invite you somewhere tell them no thanks that you don't wish to go as they were so rude last time.
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