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It's My Birthday

by jussiecatwriter (follow)
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I may be an adult, but it still means a lot to me if you remember my birthday...

Think of a day when you felt really special. A day, perhaps, when all (or a great deal) of your friends thought of you. Each of us has a one day each year where we are fully entitled to feel this way, and to enjoy feeling this way. This day is our birthday.
Yes, it is a pity that we can’t feel this every single day of each year. Just as lovers wish there were other days besides Valentine’s Day where they could feel cherished. However, on our birthday, no matter how old we are getting, we kind of expect those closest to us to remember this day. Maybe we expect them to call us. Or, if we’re lucky, to visit us. Maybe even a recognition that this day is indeed our birthday is enough if it is acknowledged on Facebook. Afterall, facebook now have an application where birthdays are ‘announced’ in the top right-hand corner of each page.

I know, even though I have reached the ripe old age of thirty-seven, I retain an almost childlike excitement on the day of my birthday, much as I would experience as a child. Therefore, when someone acknowledges this day is my date of birth, how ever many years ago that official day was, I do get excited! I don’t know what it is…it’s like that day is mine, a day I’m fully entitled to bask in, and enjoy.
I know how it makes me feel when somebody remembers my birthday. I feel special, significant in that person’s life, important. Therefore, I have made a point of remembering my friends’ birthday. It’s just one day a year. Yet, if you remember it, and go ahead to acknowledge it, you may make a huge difference to your friend. They may not fully tell you how it made them feel to be remembered. You may wonder if it meant anything at all. Yet, I know I am no different to any other person on earth. If that presumption is correct, then remembering your friends’ birthday indeed means a lot more than they are likely to let on. Conversely, if you forget, I assume the other feels as I do when my birthday is forgotten – a disappointment, and a feeling that maybe I’m not that important in that person’s life, after all.

I know it would be hard to remember every single individual’s birthday whom you know. However, pick the closest three friends you have. Decidedly, write their birthdays down in your diary or calender, or preferably, both! A week before, think about what would make that friend’s birthday special. Think about that person – are they a ‘card’ kind of person? Or would they more appreciate a phone call? If they are really close to you, or say they are your mother or somebody really close by blood, could you catch up in person?

Remember, how big a deal you think it is amplified 100 times for the person who you remember the birthday of. They may not tell you so, or go on about it. However, believe me, it is a big deal, and it means a lot more to that person than you will know.

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