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Identifying Your Happiness Triggers

by Marie Vonow (follow)
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Identifying your happiness triggers
Adapted from Pixabay

Do you know when you are happy? How do you work out what makes you happy? Perhaps you just know because of a special feeling you get associated with particular people and events. Maybe you are happiest when you are just sitting in a quiet spot or walking alone at the beach, by a river or in the mountains. It seems some people have difficulty identifying their happiness triggers. There are now aps available to help them out.

I have found the following are just a few of the things that make me happy -
support from family and friends
getting a good report from the doctor
my ageing pet getting a good report from the vet
exchanging a few positive words with a stranger
time with a true friend
helping someone
Being creative
discovering a new musical group that I just love
great weather (not necessarily sunny, could be a rainy day)
a really good coffee
a piece of toasted banana bread spread with real butter
walking by the river on a cool day watching the water flow
observing birds
watching fish swim in a pond
mastering a skill to do with a computer or other technology
a really good movie

Courtesy of Pixbay

So what can you do if you can't easily identify your personal happiness triggers?

Keep a journal
You could keep a journal, recording what happens and how you feel. This should help you identify patterns and make you more aware of what makes you happy.

Buy jewellery
No, I am not advocating buying an expensive diamond bracelet or necklace. However, yesterday I read it is possible to buy high tech pieces of jewellery which measure your levels of stress and happiness. Biometric sensors monitor your pulse, temperature of your skin, pattern of breathing, sleep quality and mood. These sensors help the wearer work out which people and events are triggers for stress and which ones boost happiness.

Do an online assessment or quiz
There are numerous assessments and quizzes online to help you find what makes you happy if you need help. Some identify your passions, others are aimed more at helping you find ways to increase your happiness level.

Use your mobile
Read on, this isn't about keeping in touch with family or friends but that could contribute to your happiness. EmotionSense is an app which makes use of a smartphone's sensors to measure the users level of happiness. In addition to data collected automatically by the mobile, users are required to report their mood. The combined information is used to identify what triggers various moods including happiness.

Emotion Sense monitors data including the user's pattern of making calls and sending texts to track how a person is feeling.

Courtesy of Pixabay

I'm not into technology so I don't understand how it can monitor these things and therefore I didn't attempt to go into detail about the workings of these apps and accessories. If technology can help people with their happiness, that is great. For me, I would rather avoid over dependence on technology because it stresses me out when I don't know what I am doing. I am just going to make a coffee and sit outside to watch the birds I can hear tweeting. That will make me happy.

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