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How to Utilize your Surroundings to Feel Independent

by boise (follow)
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Independence is all about being free from outside control, itís depending on yourself and no one else. For this reason independence is being your best self so that you donít need to seek others for what you need. Doing things yourself, broadening your horizons, learning, accomplishing, and being positive are all ways to build yourself up and make yourself the best self. In order to promote those positives, you can utilize your surroundings in a way that will help you to feel more independent every day.

Create a Book Nook

Book nooks are cozy and perfect for hours of reading. This environment is perfect to hunker down and dive deep into a book. Cuddle up with a blanket, have some soft lighting, surround yourself in pillows, and read for as long as youíd like. There are a ton of different options for creating the perfect book nook for you, but spending some time with yourself and reading is a great way to focus on yourself.

Start a Garden

Thereís something about creating a plant from a seed, or maintaining the life of a plant that is calming. It helps you to realize your ability to create something and sustain it. Gardening doesnít have to mean digging out a 6 foot bed in your yard and planting a slew of different vegetables. Start off with a small herb garden in your kitchen. Plant a pretty flower, get a succulent, or even a cactus and watch it grow. Itíll help your environment, and prove what you can create. Even if you donít have a green thumb, at least you tried something new.

Start a Home Improvement DIY Project

Do it yourself projects bring independence back to accomplishment. Doing something youíve never done before is rewarding even if you donít succeed. Whether youíre used to home improvement projects or not, relying on yourself to refinish some furniture, paint a room, or put up some shelves leaves you with a feeling of accomplishment. Pick a DIY project that will bring some light into your surroundings while also being practical. Do your research, and find a fun and relatively easy project that you can accomplish yourself.

Create a Meditation Area

A meditation area can mean a few things depending on who you are. Maybe itís a quiet area, maybe itís for meditating, maybe itís for reading, maybe itís for yoga, or maybe itís for doing a crossword and drinking coffee. Whatever your meditation, alone time, or quiet area means to you will decide what your area looks like. Focus on a bright area of your home, add some bright pillows, a rug, perhaps a chair or a yoga mat, and make this area welcoming. This place will focus on positive thinking and taking time for you.

Design your Office

Whether you have an office or not, think about creating an area for you to be productive. This is where you can sit and learn, get work done, read, focus, or write. This area should focus on productivity. Make sure this area is comfortable and welcoming. Get a desk, a comfortable chair, have some writing space, focus on what colors would work best for you, and utilize this space for productivity. The theme of this room is accomplishment. Decide to have one whole area dedicated to photos of your most proud moments: the top of a mountain you hiked, your garden, your children, a place youíve traveled, or a race you competed in.

Feeling independent is important and you can utilize your environment to help facilitate that feeling. Work to make your home practical and design it yourself in order to promote productivity while also feeling accomplished. Itís amazing to feel as though your environment is a positive one and that you made it feel that way.

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