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How To Prepare For Death & The Before Death Checklist

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Death is inevitable and will undoubtedly happen to all of us. Preparing for death may not be what most people would think of, but it is crucial to have plans for it. No matter how painful and uncomfortable it may be, you should have a before death checklist, which will allow you to be ready for death whether it is mentally or legally.

How to Mentally Prepare for Death

It is human nature to try to escape death but of course, we all know it is impossible. People try to extend our lives by seeking the help of doctors when they get sick, hoping the right treatment or medication would allow us to live forever or at least death as an option.

Unfortunately, this mentally catches us off-guard when it comes to an inevitable thing, such as dying. Accepting that it is a part of our life is one of the most significant steps to take. Here are other ways that will help you become aware of how to prepare for death:

Prepare for Death While You are Still Young and Healthy

Start planning and getting ready for your death early in life. Death may still be a long way to go, but it can happen anytime. As with all other events, preparation should be made ahead of time, not when you know death is imminent.

Ponder on Death Once or Twice Each Day

It does not mean you will morbidly dwell on death, but this is where acceptance begins. Reflect on what you did and say at the end of the day. Ask yourself for a moment or two about what you will do if you know that today is your final day on Earth. Recognizing and acknowledging that life is short will help you understand and accept death.

Live Your Life to the Fullest

Create a bucket list that includes the things you would like to do, where you want to travel, and what you want to accomplish. At this point, it is essential that you work your way to achieving everything on that list. Do not forget to enjoy yourself as you fulfil the items there.

As with what you do, you should also think about what you say. When you mentally prepare for your death, you should be able to say the four most important things to the people who matter to you. These four are “I love you,” “Thank you,” “Please forgive me,” and “I forgive you.”

These simple steps can assist you in coping with death mentally and emotionally before it is too late.

How to Legally Prepare for Death

Preparing for your death also involves legal and financial aspects, which are vital for several reasons. Not only can you stipulate the distribution of your hard-earned assets after your death, but you can also help your survivors avoid specific stressors that can cause problems, which mostly occur among your family.

Most of the time, this phase concerns money and real estate properties, which means you have to be ready for preparing a will even before your death is around the corner. Here are some of the things to sort out before you die that you can add to your before death checklist:

Trusts and Wills

Often, trusts and wills are two terms used in the same manner, but they are different in a few aspects. The most prominent difference goes to when they take effect. Trusts are valid the moment you sign them, while wills are after death.

Anyone should make a will before they die. Now is the time to make a fully-legal will in Australia by understanding the will making process, which involve the fact that you are at least 18 years old. Your will is the document that directs your loved ones who will receive your assets at the time of your death. It also appoints the legal representative who will carry out your plans when you are gone.

When making a will, you need the assistance of will lawyers. Although it is possible to do it on your own, a lawyer can help make things uncomplicated for you, especially if there are some properties, testamentary trusts, and inter-vivos gifts to consider.

Advanced Health Care Directive

Also called a living will, a health care directive is a record that allows you to legally document your wishes about whether you will go for extended medical care or “heroic” measures. This preparation is critical should the time come when you will not be able to speak or become incapacitated. Notarization of this document is required to make it legally valid.


Guardianship may be complicated, which is why it should be planned early. It is a court arrangement that provides a legal power to an individual regarding the financial affairs of a particular person.
If the court deems you as incapable of managing your own affairs, such as if you have Alzheimer’s disease or in a coma, a conservatorship can be pursued. Guardians can be your family members, friends, or another person appointed by the court.

Durable Power of Attorney of Finance

You can avoid conservatorship with durable POA, which gives another person the legal ability to act on your behalf in managing your finances. Unlike conservatorship, you do not have to be declared incompetent to use the durable POA document.
Remembering that death is a part of our lives can clear out our fear of it. It may not be something exciting to think about, but you can make things easier for yourself and your family if you have learned how to prepare for death.

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