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How to Hone Your Skills with the Help of Online Tutorials

by micha (follow)
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How to develop individual abilities at home using tutorials?

Today it is hard to imagine a life without the internet. You want to calm your mind by listening to music – you have iTunes, Zune and hundreds of other online platforms at your service. You want to buy something – you have e-commerce websites for that. In other words, the internet has made our lives a lot easier than before. But do you know you can improve individual skills with some help from the internet?

Well, an online tutorial is not a new gimmick. It's been there for more than a decade. And now that everything is going online, these online tutorials are getting better visibility than earlier. These online tutorials do offer some effective suggestions and guidance on developing new skills that you are interested in. And since they are available online, you don’t need to step out of the front door in search of expert guidance.

There are several different sources of online tutorials that you get to see on today's internet. Most of them are free and offer knowledge that’s enough to develop new skills in a significant amount of time.

1. Step-by-step guides:

If you take an interest in cooking, then there are high chances that you have already looked up the internet several times to learn new recipes. These recipes are good examples of the step-by-step guide. Since they guide you through the entire process, instructing you precisely what to do, they can be quite useful in teaching some amazing new skills.

Apart from honing your skills in cooking, you can also develop your skills in writing a research paper, preparing a science model or DIY artifacts, learning how to code, doing yoga at home, learning DIY home remedies and much more. These are basically textual guides. They may come with tutorial videos, but we are going to discuss that at another point.

2. Online courses:

You no longer need to enroll yourself in the traditional education system to learn and develop some technical or artistic skills. Nowadays, you can simply join an online course and learn new skills that too in the comfort of your home. If you take an interest in online content and its marketing, you may have come across the blogs by Hubspot.com. Well, they offer a bunch of online courses that you can do to improve your skills in SEO copywriting and marketing.

Since people are now more interested in joining online courses than enrolling themselves for the traditional colleges and university education, most of the public and private universities alike are offering several online courses that mostly focus on the technical skills of the students. However, one can also polish their administrative skills and other management skills with these online courses.

3. Online tutors:

While the number of online courses is increasing with each passing year, there is also significant growth in the popularity of the independent tutors on the internet. These tutors are usually found on YouTube, where they share their knowledge and experience to help people learn a particular skillset.
These lessons are different from the ones that you receive at the online courses. These tutors do not follow any particular curriculum. They can talk about basically anything. Starting form guitar lessons gym instructions – everything can be discussed, depending on the field of expertise of the online tutor.

4. Tutorial videos:

The videos that are published by the online tutors can be considered as tutorial videos. However, there’s a separate genre of videos on the online streaming platforms like YouTube and Metacafe. These are basically step-by-step guides but in video format. Whether you want to learn a new recipe or want to learn how to tie a tie, these tutorial videos can be both educational and informative.
In a tutorial video, you are not only told what to do, but you also get the visual representation of what needs to be done. This is what separates a tutorial video from a step-by-step guide we talked about in a previous point. Also, there is not always an online tutor. The video can just be instructional. You may have seen those cooking tutorials from “Buzzfeed Tasty”. They don’t feature any expert on the videos, but those videos do teach us how to cook in less than a minute.

These useful guides and tutorials can be really effective in helping people learn new things and develop a particular skill set in the comfort of your home. However, you need to understand that these tutorials can only give you instructions. How you utilize them to improve your skills is entirely up to you.

Besides, most of these online tutorials (be it a step-by-step guide or the online tutors) generally offer a one-way communication, which means if you have any doubt or obstacle, you cannot rely on the same source for the solution. Also, these online tutorials often lack the motivation which the conventional tutors usually bring in.

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