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How to get through a bad day

by Audrey S. Park (follow)
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Bad days. We all have them, and they are just a part of life that we have to accept. As a matter of fact, most of our days are probably not going to be amazing days where we are on top of the world and everything goes our way. However, there are ways to cope and turn things around if you are having one of those days when it feels like everything that can go wrong does go wrong.

One thing that I have found helps me a lot when Iím having a bad day is to try my hardest not get hung up on the fact that the day is ĒbadĒ. You can get caught up in a spiral on unproductivity and negative thoughts if you just accept the bad day without attempting to make it better. You might feel tempted to just stay in bed and not even try to do anything to change your situation, your mood, or your surroundings, and just hope that the next one will be at least a bit better. However, believe me when I say it: that will only ruin your day even more

My next tip is to ask yourself: What would you do if you were having a good day? For example, if youíve had a stressful day at the office, and afterwards, you colleagues invite you to an after-work, your first instinct might be to turn them down and instead just go straight home and watch TV and eat chocolate, but is that really the choice that would make you the happiest? Chances are, the choices you would make and the things you would say yes to on a good day are often the more positive and beneficial options. It might feel daunting and overwhelming when you already feel tired and unmotivated, but more often than not, you will feel better once you get going. It could be seeing friends, going to the gym, going to a museum, or replying to emails, catching up on work, cleaning, or other things you might feel tempted to put off, but often, youíll just end up building up anxiety about not having started on them yet.

However, do remember to also take care of yourself on bad days, and donít take on more than you can handle. Even when youíre feeling down, try to prioritize your health, both mental and physical, and well-being. Some days, just taking a shower can feel like a huge task, but try to stay hydrated, eat regularly, be realistic about your schedule, and donít overwork yourself.

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