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How To Cope With Chaos

by jussiecatwriter (follow)
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files in disarray
Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at freedigitalphotos.net/Chaos never feels good - here are some pointers for getting your life in order again!

It is so very easy to tumble off the horse. Not just fall. Thatís right. Tumble. Unexpected life events can send our predictable lives swirling out of control.

Itís never great, personally, to have your life become chaotic. I know what happens with me Ė my healthy eating Ėgone, exercise Ė only to the shops because youíve forgotten you donít have enough food in the fridge Ė and housework - it gets to the point of ghastliness before you are motivated to start making amendments to the crazy situation you have found yourself in.

Okay, itís all temporary. We all fall off our figurative horses. (I envy those who havenít). The first thing is to forgive yourself. As I said, I (think) it happens to us all.

The second thing is to realise it might take time to climb back up again. If your life has been suspended in chaos for some time, itís asking a lot of yourself to have things running smoothly again quickly.

My place for example Ė dishes are undone, floor is unmopped and unvaccumed, and things are strewn everywhere, the dishes have now been done, things are on the way back to some semblance of normality. However, there are hiccups to be predicted for, and taken into account in getting your life back to normal again.

1.It may seem like itís too much.

That is a completely normal feeling. For whatever reason that your life became chaotic, realise that everyone feels (again, I think), ďWhere do I start?Ē. The most important thing is to start. You will find that once you gain momentum, by definition, you will continue.

2. Become aware of what are manifestations of procrastination, or avoidance. For example, excessive use of facebook or the internet (doesnít include writing for self-avenue!), watching television, etc. However breaks are important so, having said that itís okay to sit down and have a cuppa in between getting the house back in order etc.

3. One of the first things to go can be activities that are good for us - for example healthy eating habits and exercise. Despite the fact that other things may be seem more pressing, if anything reinstate these habits first.

4. Donít fall into the trap that you think you need to surrender or forsake connections or talking with others because you have too much to do. This is necessary. If we become too isolated this can lead to feelings of being alone in our problems. Stay in touch.

5. Make a plan. When you have things written down on paper, you will automatically feel more in control. Make sure you follow through to reinforce the confidence in your own self-efficacy.

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