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Hints on Hosting a Truly Green Corporate Gathering

by milos (follow)
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Creating an event to promote your company can become a major success, but be aware that every event carries environmental implications. Since the environmental awareness is becoming increasingly important part of our lives and every new year is a new opportunity to go even greener, why wouldn’t your events be as like. Other than personal satisfaction because you are doing community a favor by turning this potential hazard into something environmentally friendly, you and your organization will create positive public image and save money in the process. Let us examine how to create a green event.

Preparing the Grounds
When deciding where you will hold the event you should use the already available space, such as your company’s facility. This way you will not only save money, you will also reduce heating expenses. Alternatively, you can hold the event on any place that has good public transport links to ensure that you have commute that is more sustainable and secure bicycle storage to make the whole event even greener.

However, it’s preferable to hold the event on some open space, so the lawn behind your company’s facility should come in handy. You will create stronger green vibe and natural environment will help your guests to relax and socialize more. If you are concerned about the potential rainfalls try considering marquees. In a recent conversation with the people at a Brisbane-based firm offering marquees for sale, I learned that these structures are gaining much popularity as the very affordable protection against the bad weather.

Reducing Waste
Once you set the grounds it is time to invite your guests and you will have to reduce amount of used paper to minimum. Electronic invitations will save you the money necessary for the printing and distributing the material. It goes without a saying that using disposable items such as plastic glasses, plates and utensils sends the wrong message.
By selecting re-usable items you will be able to clean much faster and send much less waste to landfills after the event.

Your menu should not be too extravagant. Supply your event in collaboration with local vendors with fresh, long-lasting food and minimize the carbon footprint. This way you will boost the local economy and give the vendors a chance to show their products. All the remaining food should go to the ones in need.

Feel free to be Preachy
You are holding a green event and there is nothing bad in spreading the word. Raising the overall environmental awareness is very important mission, so your website, press releases, event program and post-event publications should be all dedicated to the cause. Larger events can even host the boot to provide information about the event’s initiatives. Your goal should not be only to show how green you are, but to engage the visitors to follow your steps. Motivating others to embrace green changes and incorporate them in their lives will extend the value of what you are doing even further. Encourage the guests to sort the waste to appropriate containers to make them comfortable with the whole idea.

A green event can be of great value to your organization. You can show that your company is aware of environmental issues and that you are ready to take the appropriate steps to solve those issues. You can create great public image and do something valuable for the community in the process.

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