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Flowing Water Can Relieve Stress

by Marie Vonow (follow)
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Veale Gardens Image by Marie Vonow

Nature is great at relieving stress and making one feel relaxed.`Many people find running water particularly soothing. Quickly flowing water, splashing over rocks can be energising as well as relaxing

Listening to running water can lower blood pressure and cause a decrease in the production of cortisol. Although listening to a recording of the sound of waves crashing on rocks or a waterfall is beneficial, I prefer the real thing.

Yesterday I explored the Veale Gardens in Adelaide. It was a beautiful sunny day with a gentle breeze and the grass was so green after recent rain. I found it very relaxing to wander through the gardens, enjoying the sights of the man-made stream that wanders through the gardens.

I didn't rush and took advantage of the opportunity to take plenty of photographs. Other people were enjoying walking around and no one seemed in a hurry. There were a number of ducks and some other water birds on the ground and various types of birds in the trees.

Duck enjoying a swim Image by Marie Vonow

I was delighted to discover a waterfall. The sight and sound of the water tumbling over the rocks was refreshing.

When water splashes, negative ions are produced. These ions clear the air of pollen, smoke, pollution, bacteria and viruses. Breathing in this fresh air with its negative ions can help the flow of oxygen to the brain which results in one feeling more alert. It can also cure a headache.

Waterfall in Veale Gardens Image by Marie Vonow

For some time I have been thinking about getting a small water feature for my back yard. The idea of being able to look at and listen to running water appealed to me. I have looked around at those available through nurseries and hardware stores. One of the things that made me hesitate was the thought of the electricity needed to run such a water feature.

Recently I came across a solar powered water feature. After considering if it was what I really wanted, I returned to the store and bought one. When the sun is shining water flows from the flower bud held by a fairy. It is delightful and I find it relaxing to listen to the water flowing.

Fairy water feature Image by Marie Vonow

Flowing water, whether it be a stream, waterfall or a water feature certainly does relieve stress. All one has to do is watch the moving water, listen to the sound and take some slow deep breaths.

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