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Fifteen Ways To Increase Your Energy

by Marie Vonow (follow)
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It is a great feeling to have plenty of energy. However, the demands of work, caring for a family, dealing with traffic and the general frustrations of life can sap energy leaving one feeling low. Sometimes we forget about self care or feel guilty about spending time on ourselves. We need to look at both physical and psychological needs. Have a look at the following ideas and see if any would help put more energy into your day.

Put yourself first. Take some Ďme timeí every day. If this idea makes you feel guilty, think of it this way. You need to look after yourself so you have the energy to help others when they need it.

Ensure you are getting sufficient rest. If you wake feeling tired you may have a sleep disorder such as sleep apnoea. If you have become used to always being tired or if you think it is simply due to be being a busy Mum you may think it unlikely you have a medical condition. However it is worth talking to your doctor.

Try aromatherapy to help if you have trouble falling asleep. A couple of drops of lavender oil on the pillow is said to induce sleep by helping relax the mind. A drink of warm milk just before bedtime may also help. If your mind and body start to associate sleep with that drink this will also help.

Take some slow deep breaths. Breathe in through your nose and slowly breathe out through your mouth several times. Shallow breathing doesnít bring as much oxygen into your body.

Take a walk outside and enjoy a natural environment, fresh air and some sunshine. If that is not possible, stretch and look out the window at the garden.

An exercise break will give you more energy. It may be walking, swimming, a session at the gym, running or participating in sport. This may sound unlikely because physical activity uses energy but it is true. Regular exercise is particularly helpful in boosting energy levels.

Keep a glass or bottle of water handy so you remember to drink and keep your body hydrated.

Avoid energy highs and lows brought about by eating high sugar foods, coffee, chocolate, energy drinks and alcohol. Although you get a quick energy boost, you then get a low and may feel more tired than before.

Reduce time spent mindlessly on time wasters (negative people, email, Facebook, television etc). Choose the television programs you really enjoy, spend time with positive people and limit the number of emails you receive. It may be time to unsubscribe from some regular emails.

Reduce negative emotions (anger, depression, frustration, envy). Negative emotions sap your energy.

Replace negative self talk with positive affirmations. Often we are unaware of how much negative self talk goes on in our head each day. How often do you think you canít do something or that other people manage things better than you do? How often do you think you will never get through all the tasks you think you should achieve in a day?

Donít try to be perfect. Near enough really is good enough for many tasks.

Spend time with friends who make you laugh or encourage you in your pursuits.

Join a support group if you have specific issues for which you need support. The company of people who understand you will be a great help.

Get the balance that works for you- food, work, exercise, rest and relationships. Enjoy each day.

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Great tips Marie - thanks so much- I'll be trying the non-negativity stuff and aromatherapy to start :)
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