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Feel Good Moments

by Lu Lu Belle (follow)
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Dirty Dancing - Compliments of Google

Don't you just love those scenes in a movie when you feel absolutely exhilarated for the character? Here are a few of my all time favorite movie moments...

American Beauty - Kevin Spacey's character Lester Burnham quits his job, handing over a brilliant resignation letter, sticking it to the Manager and manipulating him for one year's salary with benefits. Pure gold!

Titanic - Jack slips Rose a note at the high class dinner asking her to meet him at the clock, and then they go below deck and party with the lower class, dancing, drinking and laughing along to the lively sounds of Irish folk music. It's loud! And Rose is finally living for once!

Shirley Valentine - Even though there are quite a few...nothing beats the ending scene when Joe travels all the way to Greece to fetch Shirley because he believes she's gone mad, not to mention the fact that he is hopeless without her. And when he arrives, Shirley is sitting at her table by the sea (which had been her dream) and he walks straight passed her. He didn't recognise her. And so she calls out to him, and the look on his face is priceless. I think in that moment she found so much satisfaction in seeing that he finally saw her for who she could be,who she truly is, and no longer what he and the kids had molded her into.

Pretty Woman - Vivien gets to go on a shopping spree...spending an OBSCENE amount of money. She breezes in to the boutique where the shop assistants wouldn't serve her the previous day, looking fab and sticks it to them! You work on commission, right? She says. Big mistake...big! Huge. I have to go shopping now... What a classic moment!

Dirty Dancing- Do I really even need to explain this one? Nobody puts baby in the corner says Patrick Swayze, and then he takes Baby by the hand and leads her to the stage and they put on the performance of a life time... No one can forget that. I think we all had the time of our lives watching that scene, most likely more than twice!

I could go on and on. There are so many amazing movies and scenes out there that are very feel good. If you haven't seen one of the movies I've mentioned, please do. You won't regret it!

Imagine now that your life is a movie. And think of all of your feel good moments. I'm sure there would be at least one that could put a smile on your face right now. Play those scenes back. We don't reminisce about horror films do we? They were okay to watch for a scare, but we don't tend to quote them or want to watch them over. So, why play back bad memories or regrets?

Remember the good times, and keep smiling about them. Watch them again. The only good thing that comes from watching bad films is learning what not to do...

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Loved your article Lu Lu Belle. Yes, there are some great movies which uplift. A favourite of mine is Bridget Jones's Diary. I love the part where Mark Darcy tells Bridget, ' I like you very much, just as you are'. Don't we all want to hear those words?
Love Pretty Woman and Dirty Dancing too. I've lost count of how many times I've watched them. Another one I love is An Officer and a Gentleman where Richard Gere marches into the factory where Debra Winger works in his dress uniform, scoops her up in his arms and marches her out. Ahhhhhh!!
Love this article. It's so true.
Dirty dancing and pretty women are a two of my favourite films too.
Along with take the lead and Chicago.
I think the dancing films leave an even bigger impression on our minds and hearts as we all wish life could be a movie and is scripted to end happily.

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