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Every Human Being Craves Connection

by Loretta (follow)
Writing is how I express the world within me. For more of my writing please visit misslorettawrites.blogspot.com.au/
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Mother and daughter

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with life. My days drag on and everything that I have to do feels like a chore, the tasks keep coming, and time feels endless. This feeling of being overwhelmed can often manifest itself as irritation inside me. Do you blame others and get irritable with them because of what you are feeling? We think that by blaming others and setting our own fatigued and touchy atmosphere against them that we will feel better. Does it ever make you feel better? I know it doesnít make me feel any better, in fact it only propels me to feeling much worse.

I am human just like you.

Even though I write all these easy words about trying to live life comfortably, happy and fulfilled, in reality itís so much easier written than done. Itís all well and good to write these words for you, however the magic wonít happen until you take action. I know from experience itís the hardest thing to do, but once you take action your life can only move forward. This is a blessing.

Today I want to take action with you.

Letís support each other through this time of overwhelming extremes.

ďFrom this moment on I am going to approach all my tasks with love. I am going to be patient, to take everything as it comes, slowly and mindfully. There is no blame. All is well.Ē

Donít blame others for your feelings. How about simply expressing to others how you are feeling inside instead of throwing these feelings away in dirty bursts of resent? Donít ignore your emotions. Have a cry. Have a laugh. Move forward. Itís so much easier to move with love than it is to try to move with negativity. And if someone around you is throwing out their anger like piles of dirty clothes? Listen. Be patient. Donít argue or try to fix the problem. Let him release all thatís building up inside until her voice cracks with exhaustion, and there are no more tears left for him to cry. You will be the one she falls into with relief.

Every human being craves connection. Itís an unshakeable truth.

For some people connection takes a little longer to get to, some have a tangle of bush ahead, or a looming pile of rubble to move before they can reach out to another for comfort. Thatís why patience is invaluable in this world. There is always time to be patient.

If you begin to feel overwhelmed, take a step outside your mind and your body. Really stop and think about your actions and words before you proceed.

Are you coming from a place of love?
Is it necessary?
Is this worth your delicate energy?

Listen to your intuition and you will know the answer.

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