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Ergonomic Features are to Bound Make Your Work More Efficient and Productive

by milos (follow)
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A truly effective workstation is so much more than just a perfect match of a desk and an office chair. Actually there are several key items that contribute to working comfort and health, and consequently the efficiency of a working environment. An ergonomically installed workstation reduces back pain, musculoskeletal disorders and eye stress. With this in mind, let’s expand these four crucial components and optimized efficiency.

Monitor Arm
By installing a monitor arm, you can improve the working experience in two ways. First, the monitor is positioned in the level of your eyes, and can be easily maneuvered to adjust this. Second, as the monitors is not resting on the desktop, a valuable space is created for other uses like document trays or peripherals. This is especially useful solution for smaller workspaces like cubicles. Laptop holders, on the other hand make using laptops in everyday work more pleasant by propping it in the eye level and allowing the use of an external keyboard and mouse.

Anatomic Chair
A task chair with good ergonomic properties allows spontaneous movement and natural, intuitive operation without unnecessary movements or daily adjustments. When looking for a task chair, ask for one that automatically adjusts to your position, via dynamic recline and lower back support. Armrests should be connected to the back of the chair so they move together with you when you recline – many models don’t have this feature.

Keyboard Support
The role of a keyboard support is to form a bridge between the user and the computer. Wrist pain and carpal tunnel syndrome are common among office people. By installing an articulating keyboard support, not only can you minimize these conditions but also allow the upper body to relax and maximizing the function of an anatomic task chair by allowing you to keep working while fully resting on the back support. Also, look for keyboard supports with negative tilt feature to keep your wrists straight and protected from injury.

Task Light
This is a component that is often neglected. Good lighting should provide a sufficient amount of it for reading through hard copy documents and also minimize monitor glare which is connected to Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), a condition that causes eyestrain, eye fatigue, eye dryness, light sensitivity, blurred vision and headaches. This condition is common in about 90 percent of regular computer users.

CPU Support and Cables
A properly installed CPU support should be easy to reach, allowing for intuitive grasp of drives and ports. According to reputed vendors of computer workstations, a mounted CPU support also protects the CPU from floor dust, dirt and vacuum cleaners. What is more CPS supports with swivel-and-stow features enable maximum comfort and tool-free installation which simplifies the maintenance. Not only does cable clutter create workplace hazard, it also reduces productivity. Use cable management systems to stow them away and make more room on your desktop.

Slatwall and Peripherals
Slatwall is a convenient system for mounting your office tools and clearing the desktop. You can use it for mounting the monitor arm or a task light. As such, it is irreplaceable for smaller offices and cubicles, where every inch of space counts. Advantages of an ergonomic mouse include reducing the repetitive stress and wrist compression that can cause long-term conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome. If your workplace requires prolonged inactive sitting, invest in a good rocking footrest. It stimulates circulation in legs while taking pressure off the lower back.

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