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Enjoying Time At Home

by Marie Vonow (follow)
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Pottery House
Image by Marie Vonow

Recently a friend and I held a joint garage sale. A couple of people who popped in to have a look around commented that checking out the garage sales was 'better than staying at home.' This made me think how much I enjoy a day when I don't have to go out but can spend the whole day at home.

We all have different personalities and enjoy different activities. Sometimes I love to go out for the day and explore somewhere different.

I find I go somewhere most days even if it is just to the library and to pick up a couple of things at the supermarket. I enjoy buying fruit and vegetables at the local Sunday market. This year I have become involved in the local Community Gallery. This means I do a shift or two each month at the Gallery and attend all the official openings.

I enjoy going to see a movie now and then and visiting the home of a friend is always good. Last week I had a delicious meal out with members from the writing group I belong to.

Most Sundays I attend a poetry writing class and I catch the train and visit my sister every week. It can be seen I go out quite frequently. Maybe this is why I love a whole day just at home.

I enjoy taking time over my breakfast. Now the weather is warmer I usually have it outside. Hot coffee sipped as I look at the garden and watch birds on the birdbath or drinking from my solar powered water fountain is one of the pleasures of life.

Pottery House
Blackbird about to have a drink from the solar powered water fountain Image by Marie Vonow

Every day birds visit my backyard but when I am out I don't see them and enjoy just watching them. This year I am getting lots of pleasure from the family of swallows living under my back verandah.

Pottery House
Young swallows a day after they ventured out of their nest Image by Marie Vonow

I love the freedom of choosing how to spend my day. Okay, there is always some form of housework but I try to make it pleasurable. Often the house looks better after I have cleaned and tidied. The good feeling allows me to enjoy the rest of the day more and enjoy my 'me time'.

Gardening is a favourite activity and after the recent rains there are plenty of weeds to pull out. Spring is a great time to plant vegetable seeds. Picking one's own vegetables is very satisfying. I enjoy picking flowers to display inside.

Sometimes I send time writing or researching in preparation for writing. I even write old fashioned snail mail letters to a few people who prefer this form of communication. Now and then I just surf the Net or read a magazine or a book.

I enjoy creating things or doing a bit of sewing. My dog loves it when I spend a day at home and enjoys a cuddle on my lap.

There are always plenty of things to do at home, but one of my favourite activities is just sitting and noticing the things around me. It seems a pity to me to put money and effort into creating an attractive comfortable home if one doesn't spend time there enjoying it.

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