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Don't Take It Personally

by Ryan Hauck (follow)
Seek not to follow in the footsteps of the wise; Seek what they sought -Basho
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I am sure many people are familiar with the four agreements. Not the book but the agreements themselves. One of them is "Don't take anything personally," and the wisdom inherent there is sound and True. I want to complete this insight with the topic of this blog.

Don't Take Things Personally.

Not taking something personally is directly related with the degree in which we experience ourselves as a person. We express the reality we hold to be most true, and if we are taking things personally it's because we experience ourselves (for the most part) as a person, rather than as spirit or consciousness.

The same can be said with giving personally. Let me explain. Feelings play a huge role in what we experience moment to moment. How we feel about something can drastically influence how we choose to respond, moulding our thoughts and perceptions of reality. Yet, what we are feeling has very little to do with whats going on "out there," and much more to do with the our interior design.

I know I have caught myself having feelings about people, and whether they are good or bad, they are feelings which stem from my projected idea about them. I have chosen to view them as a person, rather then as a divine expression of consciousness. Accepting person-hood is a great way to completely loose sight of the truth that is each of us.

Being mindful of what we are taking personally, and for what we are giving personally involves vigilant self-reflection, because in either case we have chosen to accept the less than ideal about reality in place of the true reality, which is that we are not persons (or local phenomena); but in fact are the universe in person, individualised and focused locally in space and time.

Okay, that last bit might be a lot to take in but chew on it none the less. We are more then we accept.

Much more.

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