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Don't Ask Why

by Mathilda K Burton (follow)
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My best friend and I were outside the other night chatting away and the conversation turned to why people didnít do the things they wanted to do. Or take chances. Or be different to the norm. Sadly, we know a lot of people between the two of us who donít go and do whatever they want to do (within reason, obviously).

We are both firm believers in doing what we like, as long as it doesnít hurt other people. Thatís where we draw the line. You want to stay up all night reading a good book or playing video games? Then do it. You want to kiss that total stranger? Then do it. You want to have dessert for dinner? Go for it. You want to go for a long drive for no real reason? Then go fill up the tank. You want to sit on the beach at midnight, drinking tequila, chain smoking, and thinking about all of lifeís little possibilities? Why the hell not.

People shouldnít be asking why they should do something, they should be asking why not?
My friend put it perfectly the other night, ďIf you canít think of a really valid reason why you shouldnít be doing something, then there really is no reason why you shouldnít go ahead and do it.Ē

In life, you end up regretting only the things you didnít say, the risks you didnít take, and the things you didnít do. Seriously, think about what you regretÖyou donít really regret kissing that guy that one time even though it wasnít the best idea, you certainly donít regret the crazy night out with your friends where you got ridiculously hammered and made a fool of yourself on the dance floor, and you donít regret telling your boss where to shove it when he was being a total a-hole. Some of those things may have had negative side effects, but it got you to where you are now. But I bet you anything that you regret not taking that holiday, or not going home with that person one night, or maybe even not buying that really expensive but beautiful dress.

Life is short Ė it isnít just a dumb clichť, it is actually really short. This year itself has absolutely flown by. So why donít we all stop asking why we should do something, and start asking ourselves why not?

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