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Do You Need To Experience JOMO

by Marie Vonow (follow)
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Do you need to experience JOMO
Adapted from Pixabay

Okay, if I tell you JOMO is the opposite of FOMO, do you understand what I am talking about? According to the top definition on Urban Dictionary, JOMO is 'Joy of Missing Out: You’re enjoying what you’re doing in the here and now and not on social media broadcasting or seeing what everybody else is doing.' I have read that blogger Anil Dash was the first to use the acronym in July 2012.

Even if you're not addicted to social media, you may still feel a need to always be going somewhere and doing something exciting because of your extrovert personality. Some people do have a greater need for stimulation and new experiences than others. Some thrive on being with other people, perhaps with a large group and they love parties. If this works for you, I think that's fine.

Other people feel pressured to go out, attend events and try activities that don't appeal because their friends are going or 'everybody's doing it.' It's okay to say, 'No thanks'. It is quite possible you will have a more enjoyable time doing your own thing.

JOMO may involve-
savouring time alone. Alone time is a choice and different from being 'lonely'.
developing your relationship with yourself
not bothering to keep up with every little thing your friends are up to. You have your own life and you want to enjoy it.
doing something you enjoy and being mindful. It doesn't matter that no one else would be impressed or jealous of how you spent the evening.
disconnecting from social media, texts and emails for a few hours or a day on a regular basis. I saw a video clip where Katy Perry and Arianna Huffington were discussing 'Shutoff Sundays,' the idea of giving yourself permission to disconnect one day a week so you aren't constantly distracted by technology. This day gives you a chance to live in the moment and recharge your personal battery.

Ways to experience JOMO
So you haven't joined your friends at a dinner in that new restaurant, party, concert, sky diving, or whatever they are doing. What are you going to do with the time you have gained from 'missing out'?

You could-
daydream. Some time regularly spent daydreaming can increase your creativity.
read a book in a pleasant environment such as your back yard or at the park.
go to a cafe alone and enjoy your own company as you slowly sip a mug of something delicious. (I'll have marshmallows with that.) This is a chance to be mindful of the experience rather than gulping your drink or being so involved in checking your phone that you don't even realise you have had a drink.
lie on the grass and watch the clouds

Spend time watching the clouds Image by Marie Vonow

indulge in a long bath or foot soak. How many times have you said you don't have time for this type of thing?
Have an afternoon nap or if it's night, go to bed early. Make it a special time by putting on your most comfortable nightwear, having a warm drink before retiring and reading a chapter of a great book before turning off the light.
listen to music
go for a walk on your own or with your dog. You do realise your dog doesn't think you are missing out, quite the opposite.

Take your dog for a walk. Courtesy of Pixabay

I like the concept of JOMO, but believe balance is important in life. If one turned down every invitation and never tried anything new or took an interest in what others are up to, that would make for a dull life. If, on the other hand, you do join in activities with friends and family and can talk about something different you have been involved in recently, some JOMO could be beneficial.

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