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Decluttering Can Be Like Peeling An Onion

by Marie Vonow (follow)
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When you read, 'Decluttering Can Be Like Peeling An Onion,' you may have wondered if that is because both can make you cry. Well, that's not quite what I meant. Over the past four or five years I have decluttered several times. It's kind of like slowly peeling the layers off an onion. You discard one layer of clutter and then another and another. Finally you are down to the minimum. But come to think of it, sometimes there have been a few tears.

Garage sale
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First I sorted and parted with items knowing I would be moving house at some stage. I think I started with sorting out the shed. Time for a garage sale to find new homes for stuff that had been in storage for years. While I was having a sale it was also time to get rid of superfluous crockery, vases and bric-a-brac. That was removing the outer layer.

The decluttering and downsizing continued bit by bit. I donated toys that were no longer needed. I found a charity that would pick up the wall unit that was difficult to move and unnecessary now I had decluttered the lounge room. Another layer removed.

Then I 'set free' more belongings when I found the house we would move to. It was a smaller house so another layer of stuff had to go. We had another garage sale. I hung onto some things with my older son in mind. He was planning on getting his own house and would need furniture and bits and pieces such as linen, curtains and the like.

Just before moving day a friend's boyfriend came by with a trailer and took the large plants I wouldn't be taking when I relocated. It was a relief when a home was found for a large cupboard I no longer needed. I put giveaways out the front with a big sign. Yet another layer removed.

We moved and settled in. My son got his house and gratefully accepted things he needed. That was another layer off the onion.

Now that he had taken what he could make use of I could remove the next layer of the onion skin. I had a garage sale on the weekend of the Garage Sale Trail and then donated what didn't sell.

I thought I had finished decluttering but down the track I became aware there were still things I hadn't used in years and probably never would. A friend had a garage sale and I took along a few boxes of gear and some framed pictures. Another layer had been removed.

Does someone sneak in the back door and tuck unnecessary items into my cupboards while I am taking things out the front door to drop off at an op shop? Sometimes it seems like that. I come across stuff I only have vague recollections of. I struggle with guilt as I decide to set free items that were given to me.

Just how many layers of skin does an onion have? I am amazed at how many times I have done another round of decluttering and how many garage sales I have held. It is a few weeks now since I have dropped a bag of goods off at an op shop and I think I am getting there. Please don't offer me anything, yes I know it's really pretty, but I want to live with a minimum of clutter. Thanks for understanding.

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