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Deciding You Have Decluttered Enough

by Marie Vonow (follow)
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Deciding you have decluttered enough
Adapted from Pixabay

There have been plenty of times I have wondered if I would ever be done with decluttering. It seemed I would deal with one section of the house or shed and then find another area that needed to be done. People would give me things they no longer wanted. Sometimes I would buy stuff and later decide it was a mistake purchase. Recently I realised I had decluttered enough and from then on it would be a matter of maintaining that situation.

How did I know?
A bag appeared in my letter box for donations to a charity I like to support. You probably know the sort, a large coloured plastic bag you fill with unwanted clothing, books, unbreakable household wares and the like.

When I looked in my wardrobe and cupboards I realised I didn't have things that I wanted to get rid of. I had pared my wardrobe down to items I wore frequently, or at least would when the weather was right. There were no books or magazines I was willing to part with. The small number of DVDs would be watched again. There was no surplus linen.

Wow, decluttering mission accomplished.

Gone was the time of saying, as I did about 18 months ago, There Is Still Clutter In My House

If you have been struggling with clutter for some time, take heart. Perhaps try parting with one item a day.

A few items on display make a room welcoming but not cluttered Courtesy of Pixabay

Am I sure it's mission accomplished?
I did manage to find a couple of cushions to donate and a footstool filled with polystyrene beads. They took up quite a bit of space in the bag. There were a couple of other things I don't recall now.

There would be other items I could live without but at this time I don't choose to.

A friend had a garage sale on the Garage Sale Trail Weekend last year and I added to her sale and helped out. This year she is having a sale again in preparation for moving house. I will be there with herhelp out with the event but have nothing of my own to put out for sale.

It's a good feeling.

How do I ensure I don't accumulate clutter in the future?
I am more aware of what I buy these days. Yes, from time to time I am likely to make a purchase that I later think better of. Those items can be donated to charity for sale in their op shops.
I still like to look around the op shops but I don't do this as often. I also buy less these days. I ask myself if I need it, will make good use of it or if I truly love it. I think about whether I already have one.
I avoid buying multiples of things. I have a good stapler so I don't need another one, even though the one in front of me in the shop has pretty flowers decorating it. If I do decide I really love the flower stapler, then the one I already own needs to go to a new home.
I have ways of organising and storing my possessions so I can find what I need. This means I don't buy something because I can't find the one I think I have somewhere.
I keep in mind if I ever move again it will be to somewhere smaller.
I don't automatically say, 'Yes, thanks' when offered a bag of items someone else has decluttered from their home.

Courtesy of Pixabay

Is it possible to declutter too much?
I don't think this would ever happen to me but there are people who suffer from obsessive compulsive spartanism. These people are extreme in their decluttering to the point where they compulsively get rid of items including some they realise they need.

Everyone has their own comfort level when it comes to the amount of things they have in their home. I have read about people who feel the ideal number of possessions is far fewer than what I have. Others think it essential to have more. That's fine for them, but I am happy with what I have. When you are comfortable with what is in your house you have probably decluttered enough. Relax and enjoy your home and your life.

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